The best Instagram WordPress plugins to use for small and start-up businesses

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Social media marketing is gaining prominence today! And Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels used by individual users, social influencers, and companies. Today, Instagram records a high active user count. The active users log-in to their account daily and browse through various brands, its stories, and posts. Hence, the platform provides ample scope for growth and business for eCommerce brands, big or small. For this, you also need to link your Instagram account to your WordPress website. To do this, you’ll need plug-ins that small businesses and start-up ventures should choose correctly.

When you’re using a visual channel like Instagram, small and start-up businesses need to have attractive images. It’s a forum that helps you to generate a buzz about your brand. Hence, your approach should be beyond how to buy 50 followers on Instagram! You need to choose the plug-ins correctly, that helps you provide video previews and share an expert from your WordPress blog.

Small and start-up businesses need to make use of their cash at hand judiciously. So, it is essential for them to opt-in for the free WordPress Instagram plug-ins. The popular ones are:

  1. Instagram Feed

Do you wish to showcase multiple Instagram in separate feeds or one single feed? If yes, then this is the plug-in for you. It allows you to draw the feeds from the various non-private account and showcase the same on a page in your WordPress site. Here you can make use of WordPress short codes, customize the color, layout, spacing, and many more. Other than showcasing the header, you can also choose the infinite scrolling and use the follow option on Instagram button. Make sure to showcase the pictures in chronological or random order. Alternatively, you can also resort to CSS for other customization choices.

Do you want more control over your Instagram feed? If yes, then after you’re content with the free plug-in version, you can choose the paid version as well. Here you have added choices for video integration, custom links, and lightbox. It will help you to moderate the feed to hide/show the chosen images and filter the posts making use of hashtags.

  1. Instagram Slider Widget

The Instagram Slider Widget helps in generating a responsive widget that showcases your current Instagram posts. Here you can make use of 12 images from the public posts and about 18 from multiple hashtags as well, in a slider or grid format. The thumbnails get stored in the media library, and you can also generate the interval time to check the new images. You shouldn’t be messing up with any API access. The plug-in allows you to link the pictures to the user-profile, locally image, image URL, custom URL, or attachment URL. All the photos can get sorted depending on the date or popularity.

  1. WD Instagram Feed

The WB Instagram Feed is useful when it comes to importing multiple, and single Instagram feeds to the website. You can showcase the images in a lightbox or thumbnails, using a caption or without it. The photos can also get drawn, making use of the hashtag or username feeds. The pictures get drawn from Instagram and aren’t stored in the database, which makes it quick to load.

You can customize the plug-in based on your convenience. However, the free version might limit some of the customization choices. The premium version provides better opportunities. Here you can showcase the pictures in the masonry as well as blog patterns and also incorporate the comments. Furthermore, the lightbox showcases images in a slideshow with various transition impacts. You get several customizable themes for styling every layout other than the filmstrip and video layouts. There’s scope for making use of advanced filtering as well. Furthermore, business owners can select from the various plans available

  1. Instagram Slider and Carousel plug-in

With the Instagram Slider and Carousel plug-in, small and start-up business owners can generate stroking grids, carousels, and slideshows that feature the best Instagram posts. This plug-in is free, and you can install it fast and easy. There’s no need for the business owners to be an expert user. Even if you’re a beginner and amateur it will work for you. It allows you to enhance the webspace adding an Instagram feed, which all your WordPress users can see and browse through.

The best features of the Instagram Slider and Carousel plug-in include touch-friendliness, widget readiness, as well as device compatibility. It also comes with comments and likes count in addition to controlling navigation in the slider. There are several configuration choices available for you to customize the final presentation based on your preference.

Instagram is a visual medium! And that’s the reason for small and start-up business owners to use this as a social media marketing channel. Other brands resort to Instagram for showcasing awards, team members, and relevant projects. Using the above-mentioned plug-ins, you can link your Instagram account with your WordPress account to generate more brand awareness and brand visibility.


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