How Much Does YouTube Pay? A Creator’s Guide for Young YouTubers

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YouTube has recently become a well-known platform. Content creators can share their videos and make a living on this platform. Thus, it is no surprise that many people are curious about the platform with 2 billion monthly active users. They often ask about how much YouTube pays to make & upload videos on it. A common question that many YouTubers ask is, “How much does YouTube pay per view?” 

Through this blog post, you will learn the answer to this query. Moreover, it will also explain some tips on how you can increase your channel engagement. Not only this, but you will also learn how you can make monthly earnings on YouTube.

Does YouTube Pay Per View?

Yes! YouTube pays per view. However, YouTube does not pay per video view. Instead, they pay per ad view. That means the real question isn’t “How much does YouTube pay.” Rather, you should ask, “How much money can I make per YouTube ad view?”

YouTube pays you for the amount of ad views your video gets. Therefore, you won’t make any money if your video has a million views but no advertising. If your video has a million views but only 10,000 ad views, you’ll be making money only on the 10,000 ad views.

Difference between Ad Views Vs. Video Views

Now you know that YouTube pays its creators based on ad views. But for people who don’t know the difference between Ad Views Vs. Video Views, this section will help them out:

Ad Views

  1. Firstly, Ad Views are the number of times your subscribers see an advertisement.
  2. Furthermore, ad views also help measure the exposure of advertisements.
  3. Moreover, you must assess the reach & effectiveness of the advertisement.
  4. Also, Ad Views helps to track the number of times your subscribers see an advertisement.
  5. Equally important, viewer interaction is not always necessary for Ad Views.
  6. Not only this, but ad views are crucial for advertisers in evaluating campaign performance.
  7. Finally, Ad Views are necessary to evaluate the return on investment for advertising.

Video Views

  1. First of all, Video Views are the number of times your subscribers see your video.
  2. Equally important, Video Views help to measure the consumption of video content.
  3. Not only this, You must evaluate audience engagement & video popularity.
  4. Furthermore, Ad Views helps to track the number of times your subscribers see an advertisement.
  5. Moreover, your subscribers need to engage with the videos you upload.
  6. Also, Video Views are important for content creators to understand audience engagement.
  7. Last but not least, Video Views provide insights into viewer preferences, behavior, and content success.

Go through this table carefully. It will further allow you to understand the basic difference between Ad Views Vs. Video Views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

Well, your journey to earning money using your YouTube channel requires some patience & effort. On average, every YouTube star earns nearly $29 per hour. Moreover, they can earn $60,943 annually for a standard 40-hour week.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you can earn money from YT advertisement views. But this is not true for video views. Here is a basic table that illustrates the potential earnings of an ordinary YouTuber based on the quantity of ad views they receive. So read it carefully.

  1. 1,000 Views – $10 to $30
  2. 10,000 Views – $100 to $300
  3. 100,000 Views – $1,000 to $3,000
  4. 500,000 Views – $5,000 to $15,000
  5. 1 Million Views – $10,000 to $30,000

Achieving these numbers is not a huge task. However, you can follow multiple ways to achieve 1 million views on YouTube.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views in Different Industries?

Now, go through the following table carefully to learn about how much does YouTube pay for 1 million views in different industries.

  1. General Baseline – $3,000 to $5,000
  2. Gaming, Entertainment, and Style – $7,000 to $10,000 or More
  3. Live Streams – Nearly $10,800
  4. Long Format Videos – Approx. $3,231
  5. YouTube Shorts – Less Than $100
  6. Home Makeover – $9,520

You can reference this table if you work in any of these industries. It will further show you the average income based on 1 million views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay to Top Channels?

Influencers. Streamers. Creators. Vloggers. Whatever you call them, they are influential social media personalities. Thus, they are taking command of the entertainment & advertising industry. According to Forbes’s 2023 list of the highest-paid YouTube Channels, MrBeast, Olajide Olatunji, and Jake Paul were the top rankers. Not only this but even Rhett & Link & Charli D’Amelio were on this list. Let’s now understand how much YouTube pay to them.

Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)

  1. Earnings – $82 Million
  2. Total Followers – 312 Million
  3. Avg. Engagement – 9.8 Percent
  4. Entrepreneurship Score – 4.0

Charli D’Amelio

  1. Earnings – $23 Million
  2. Total Followers – 213 Million
  3. Avg. Engagement – 0.7 Percent
  4. Entrepreneurship Score – 4.0

Olajide Olatunji (KSI)

  1. Earnings – $24 Million
  2. Total Followers – 112 Million
  3. Avg. Engagement – 6.5 Percent
  4. Entrepreneurship Score – 4.0

Jake Paul

  1. Earnings – $34 Million
  2. Total Followers – 66 Million
  3. Avg. Engagement – 1.6 Percent
  4. Entrepreneurship Score – 4.0
  1. Earnings – $35 Million
  2. Total Followers – 51 Million
  3. Avg. Engagement – 0.85 Percent
  4. Entrepreneurship Score – 4.0

One thing you should understand here is that in this list, the earnings are between June 2022 and June 2023.

Strategies to Increase Your YouTube Earnings

Now, the time has come to learn about the most effective strategies to increase your YouTube earnings. So go through this section now.

  1. Focus on High-Quality Content. You should create high-quality content to increase your YouTube income. Moreover, your content should perfectly resonate with your target audience. This further means ensuring your videos are engaging, informative, and visually appealing. Thus, you will get more viewers, and they’ll keep coming back.
  2. Understand Your Audience. You should understand your audience’s interests & likes. Thus, you should consider cultural variations & trending topics. Moreover, you should create content that caters to your audience’s needs & interests. It will further lead your channel towards higher viewer engagement.
  3. Optimize Monetization Options. You must also explore different monetization options on YouTube. They may include channel memberships, promotional ads, Super Chat, and merchandise shelves to know how much YouTube pays. Therefore, you should experiment with these options to maximize your income while maintaining viewer satisfaction.
  4. Strategic Video Publishing Schedule. Consistency is key to monetizing your YouTube channel. Therefore, you should develop a strategic publishing schedule. It will eventually align with the viewing habits of your audience. After that, you must analyze your channel analytics and identify peak times when your subscribers are mostly active. Then, schedule your video uploads accordingly.
  5. Promote Your Videos. If you want to know how much YouTube pay per view, don’t rely on YouTube’s algorithms. On the contrary, you should constantly promote your videos on multiple social media platforms. Moreover, you can promote it in different communities & forums relevant to your niche. Not only this, you can also engage with your audience. Also, you should encourage them to share your videos.

You must adopt these strategies to increase your YouTube subscribers. You will further get more ad offers, and finally, it will increase your YouTube income.

Concluding the Thoughts

This blog post elaborates on your question about how much YouTube pays per view. Also, it explains the complexities of YouTube monetization. Moreover, it also sheds light on the fact that YouTube pays creators based on ad views rather than video views. After that, this post highlights the differences between ad views & video views. This will finally lead you to make potential earnings. Not only this! But you will also get to know about the top 5 YouTube channels with the highest income.

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