8 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

We all have been to the point where we wanted to share the links in the posts but Instagram just wouldn’t let us. Even if it did, the links wouldn’t be clickable and that is such a bummer when you want to share something important and interesting with the followers. Well, we are not going to say that we will help you add shareable links in the post, however, we have got some amazing alternatives which will help you share links in other ways. So, let’s see what we have got in the house for you!

Add Link In Bio

This has to be one of the simplest and convenient alternatives for sharing the links on Instagram. You can go to the profile stings and add the link there in the website section. The link you add there will be clickable and anyone who visits the profile can load the link without any hassle or limitation.  There are businesses who have just shared one link to their website Like Smmpoint for Grow Instagram Followers and there are some people who update and change the links regularly for new blog posts or whatever new they add.

But many want to keep the links even after you update them with new ones. So, you can add the links in highlights and users will be able to find the links to their desired page

Use Link Service

There was a time when Instagram gained sudden yet immense popularity among the businesses and they used the link services but with time, link services’ popularity was decreased to a bad level. But today, they are back again and with a hit! The most classic link service is Linktree with which you can add multiple links to the latest posts, activities, shopping page, and blog posts as well. You can choose the colorway as well as the style that goes with the business niche. But make sure you opt for the colors and themes that are going to be consistent

Share Short Link In Post’s Captions

Okay, we know that there aren’t any options available which allow the users to add clickable links for the users. But you can surely use the relevant hashtags in the post to focus on the important parts. However, you can use the Bitly app to customize the link. This will make sure that users can remember your passwords. The other thing that can be done is to add the directions in the post to make sure that visitors click on the link that you have added in the bio

Swipe-Up Links

If you use Instagram stories, you can add the swipe-up links. You can add the swipe-up links for the giveaways, promotions, sales, question and answer sessions, and much more. You can also add those swipe-up links to the Instagram highlights as well

Pay To Add Links

After all, this, if you are still adamant on using the clickable link in the post’s caption, you can pay Instagram to let you do that. However, to get our hands on that service, you will need to have a business account. If you need help you can check it here assignment help