The Top Most Exciting Prank Apps Of 2020

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Prank apps have taken the world by storm. Not only free to download and straightforward to use, but also provide a wide array of unique features that will make your practical jokes that much better. 

Stink at making a prank dial but still want to make one? There are prank-calling apps today that offer dozens of automated prerecorded calls for you; other cool app features include fake incoming calls to deceive others.

Whatever type of practical joke you’re searching for, its highly likely a prank app will have it. Today we are going to go over our top prank apps ranging from fart jokes to prank calls. Let’s start.  

Ownage Pranks

Originating from the famous OwnagePranks prank calls youtube channel, their groundbreaking app keeps things fresh with a large selection of prerecorded calls to utilize for a prank call. Prank content and voice acting is top-notch, as they are recorded first and foremost by Russel Johnson himself- the face of the series. 

Some examples include ‘Stay Away From My Girl’ where Tyrone accuses you of trying to steal his girl. And ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’ where a pharmacist calls to insist your three month supply of genital warts cream is ready to collect.

Making a prank call couldn’t be easier. Browse through the apps prank scripts or go to the OwnagePranks website to check their prank categories, i.e. Love and Relationships or Family to search through their collection efficiently. 

Once you’ve chosen, select your contact and then call. The prerecording will play automatically, instigating the funniest reactions from your friends, while you listen in. 


  • Prank Calls are automatically recorded and can be listened too afterwards
  • Receive one free credit daily
  • Submit your best prank calls to the Pranks Hall of Fame, where the best ones are featured everyday.


iTorturer is a fantastic app for group pranks, particularly when you’re in a small, quiet room. It emits a variety of distinct high-frequency sounds of your choice, making even the most tolerant gradually lose patience. After all, who wouldn’t get annoyed from the sound of a fly buzzing for extended periods? 

Upon launch, you will have access to audio sounds such as High Frequency, Tri-tone Text Sound, White Noise, Fly Buzzing and many more. For something more comedic, fart noises can be played using the Whoopee Cushion option. There are premium options available which will require in-app purchases to use them.

The app’s most popular sound to really get the desired effect is the 45kHZ screeching noise. And to make pranks more fun, pretend like the sound doesn’t exist, giving them the impression it’s merely a figment of their imagination. 


  • Stealth Mode: Make iTorturer look like Safari so people cannot see the app on your phone
  • Personal Recording: Create a recording of your own to drive your friends crazy

Fake Call – Prank Friend

Want an app that can assist you when making a prank to trick others? Fake Call- Prank Friend lets you arrange a fake incoming call, giving the impression you’re speaking to someone on the other line to the people around you.

Incoming calls give credence to the pranks you create. For example, can’t stand another minute at a boring work meeting and want to leave? Schedule a call and pretend you have to go, excuses will appear valid due as your inconspicuous phone call. 

This app also lets you schedule multiple incoming calls with each one having their own identity. Assign each one a name, number and picture so you can prank others into believing mutual friends are ringing you. Fun personalities are also available for callers such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump. 


  • Fake log saves all incoming calls
  • Schedule multiple fake calls throughout the day
  • Simulate Fake calling screen as Galaxy S10-S10 plus

Bee Sound – Best Prank App

If you’ve had the unpleasant experience of being stung by a bee, then you’ll know to hightail it out of there the second you hear a buzz. This Bee Buzz Prank app takes this fear up a notch, scaring the living daylights out of someone if done at the right place and time. 

Perfect for the outdoors when you want some great jumpscare reactions, this app can generate bee swarming sounds making it appear a large group of bees is nearby. 

The audio is crystal clear and loud enough to replicate a bee swarm, and if you get the desired reaction, be sure to record to share with your friends. In terms of functionality and design it’s extremely straightforward and quick to use, displaying a colorful UI that’s easy to navigate. 


  • Plays Ultra-realistic bee swarming sounds
  • Easy to use
  • Tweet your best prank videos using #BeePrank where yours could be featured


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