How To Make A Language Learning App Like Duolingo?

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Duolingo is a language learning mobile app that focuses on quick and interactive ways of training. This mobile app has so many language options to learn from, and people all around the world can use this app and learn a language they want among a number of options. This is an extensive app and covers a lot of interesting features and makes it really fun and easy for the user. It has games, puzzles, and quizzes to make the learning process engaging and interactive for users. With the Duolingo app, users can improve their grammar and vocabulary in an easy way. This app lets users complete a task when they achieve a learning goal.

Duolingo is a popular mobile app, and you might think about developing an app like this to help more people learn more languages. The success of this app makes so many people curious about knowing how to build an app like Duolingo. If you are among those, you are at the right place to learn basics about developing an app like Duolingo.

Looking at the success of Duolingo, mobile app development companies and other startups have been rushing to know how to build an app like it. However, it is crucial to think that creating another language learning app makes sense or not. Actually, it does! Due to a large user base, there is still enough space for a new language app to grow and flourish. Here is the guide to building a language-learning mobile app.

The Guide to Build A Language Learning App

Build A Convenient And Easy To Use App
Build a convenient and user-friendly format for your language learning app so that more and more people can use it and love it for the features and functions. Do not clutter your app with necessary so-called cool features that make it complex and intricate for users.

Relationship Between Gamification And Language Learning
Today, language learning apps have evolved the way of learning a new language. Now, users can learn with exciting games, incentives, and achievements. This engages them in learning very well and lets them challenge others to meet new goals. The language learning gamification is all about learning grammar rules solving puzzles, quests, and points in a fun way, and the game finishes when a goal is achieved. Improving grammar and vocabulary skills has made it easy with a fun-loving app like Duolingo.

Integrate Social Media Into Your App
Make Things Relatable and Shareable on different social media platforms. Apps with social media integrations let users sign up, connect, and share using their personal handles. This feature in a language learning system will collect the user data in detail from their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, etc. This also eliminates extra time to fill up the details like name, age, and location, etc.

Go for a sound Content for your app

Make your app content understandable, useful, and clear for users. The basic idea behind creating a language learning app content should keenly focus on the learner capability at different levels. To cover more audiences, two different levels, like beginners and advanced learners, can be created.

Beginners: This category counts those learners who are just starting learning a new language. In short, this level includes exercises that emphasis on improving reading and writing skills. This is for new learners.
Advanced learners: This level offers content for those who want to take their language skills to the next level.

Design an appealing User Interface
An appealing UI/UX design is the basis of a learning app. when you put in several months of effort in a language learning app, with a lot of hard work and brainstorming so that you don’t go in loss with the time and money. But if you care less about the user interaction and experience, you may fail in your app development experience.

Keep your App Simple, Clean and Convenient
You cannot get to more downloads with a complex app. So, Keep your app pleasant, clean, and convenient to use for users. You need to design a clear roadmap to use the professional mobile app development company.

Integrate a Bot to Communicate with Users
While using Duolingo, have you noticed the chatbot prompts to submit the correct response. The AI-empowered chatbot learning system has the potential to soon replace human tutor. And who knows that you can do it with your billion-dollar learning app idea sooner!

Get Users Feedback

Listening to users’ feedback is important to know if the learning module you have brainstormed is liked by them or not? Motivate users to give feedback! You can implement an easy popup that does not ask for more than two clicks to take feedback. Keep the feedback procedure easy.

Choose Platform Wisely

What Platforms do you need to use to Develop a Language Learning App? While choosing your platforms, always keep the majority of the audience in mind. So, you can start with an MVP in iOS or android (depending upon your audience). After receiving the response, move on to create an app like Duolingo in other platforms.

After all of these steps, you are almost ready to build An App Like Duolingo. However, in this period, you have to do a lot of studies and get to ask too many questions from the development team. It is advisable to get an MVP Wireframing and then design, develop, market, and launch an app. Make sure you keep the format your app convenient and easy to use. Include gamification in your language learning app. Social media integration is necessary to make an app engaging and fun-loving. The app needs to be clear, and the app content should be easy to understand. Moreover, an appealing UI/UX design is key to a successful app; make sure to build an app with good UI. Also, integrate a Language learning bot that communicates with users to help them learn a new language.

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