5 Best Educational Apps for Students

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Being a student these days can be both exciting and challenging. No one has canceled high tuition fees, the need to move away from your place, and the ever-increasing workload.

Yet, there are many perks the current generation can reap benefits of. One of such undoubted benefits is technological progress. Who would have imagined, say, thirty years ago, that everything one needs for effective studying can amount to one or two gadgets?

If you have a laptop, a tablet, and/or a smartphone – well, the degree is almost in your pocket. Provided that you use proper software, of course.

In this article, you will find the list of five best educational apps that will definitely boost your performance as a student. Moreover, some of them will make your college or uni life way easier. 

Let’s get started and dive in right away!

My Study Life

The first app you will surely need must be an organizer. To keep track of all of your chores and never miss an important assignment, it is crucial to have it all in front of you.

This app was created to help you get rid of all the planners. Of course, if you find paper notebooks soothing and they cheer you up, no need to let go of those. Still, in the 21st century, having a digital one-in-all app is a must.

Installing My Study Life, you will have access to your schedule, list of deadlines and all of it comes for free. Moreover, you won’t depend on internet connection. The app works very well offline.


On your way to the bright day of graduation, some things are just inevitable. There has hardly ever been a student who managed to hand all the assignments in on time. Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

Whatever your reason for seeking external help may be, it’s important to have a reliable service you can trust. A party at your pal’s house, part-time job, a date, or a simple sickness – don’t let anything damage your academic stance.

This may not be exactly an app recommendation, but trust us, https://ca.essaypro.com will save you some nerves, repeatedly. Entrust your research papers, essays, presentations, or even a dissertation to professionals. And go have a life without the burden of endless tasks

X Mind

What do you know about mind mapping technique? Have you tried it already? Have you experienced the occurrence of beautiful ideas in the course of brainstorming?

Even if your answer is no – actually, even more so – you should download X Mind on your device. Their motto is as follows – “Ideas grow on trees.”

The whole UX and UI are based on this principle. If you are stuck in any endeavor, open this app, note some unstructured thoughts, and see the plan being developed.

Branch after branch, for just $9.99 per half a year, this app will help you get anything from a blank page to a detailed plan.

Dragon Anywhere

This one may be the best option for those of us who can’t understand their own handwriting. Indeed, not every person on this planet can write – well, eligibly.

This is where new technologies come to play. With Dragon Anywhere, everything becomes easier. Basically, you only need to be present during lectures with this software. 

Everything a teacher says will be recorded and subscribed. For only $15 per month, you won’t need to write down a word. Also, the files are easy to turn into notes in, for instance, legendary Evernote, if you use it.


With the abundance of alerts and notifications coming from every channel, the most important task for any student is simply staying focused. In order to study effectively, one needs to stay concentrated on a specific material.

Whether you are writing a paper, reading a handbook, or working on a group project with your peers, staying away from social media can be rather tough. If this sounds like a story of your life, let the Forest app help you. At the same time, you will be doing something really good for our beautiful planet.

It works as follows:

  • once you need to stay focused on something particular, you open an app;
  • once you do so, you plant a tree;
  • in the next 30 minutes the tree will grow;
  • if you close an app, the tree will be killed.

Though it may sound kinda forceful, it works. As of now, being in partnership with real tree-planting organizations, Forest has already managed to plan over 700 000 trees all over the world.

Stay focused and remain eco-friendly – with Forest, it is incredibly easy!

Wrapping Up

If you care to ask your parents how it was to get a degree in their times, the answer will most likely be “Way harder than it is for you!”

So, don’t lose any opportunity and become a better student each day. Let our list of helpful educational apps prove handy on this thorny road to success!

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