Questions about adopting a child in Georgia during COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the entire world and each and every field of life has been damaged by it. This also includes the procedure of adopting a child in Georgia as well. There is an environment of unease and restlessness that can delay the process by days or even months.

Important questions you should ask
People who are eager to adopt have many questions in their minds that can and should be inquired about. But when there are drastic and endangering situations like the Coronavirus occurrence then these the inquiry becomes critical. Apart from asking the most common of all; the following questions must also be asked.

Can adopting a child in Georgia be continued during COVID-19?
The process of adoption is not like other jobs that involve the presence of many people. There are just a few professionals that are a part of the whole process. As only the adoption lawyers, social service representative and home study inspector are concerned; there is very unlikely that the process will come at a complete halt.

Can traveling to other cities be possible?
The US government has not banned traveling within the country but there are certain restrictions and precautions that the people have to take if they are willing to travel. The one excuse that adoptive parents have to travel is to meet the mother of the child they want to adopt.

What are the precautions of International traveling?
Before the couples consider adopting children who are from foreign countries; they have to wait until the constraints of traveling abroad are lifted. Travelling is especially banned in European countries and around the world where the Coronavirus cases are the most in number.

Will the newly born child be in a threat?
Scientists have reported no indication that the expecting mother has transferred the COVID-19 into the unborn child. The children who have been affected by the virus are seen to recover fully from it. There are tests now available that can help adoptive parents to determine whether the child has the virus or not.

Will the hospitals be available for emergencies?
As all of the hospitals and other small are busy in preparing for worst; but the staff and doctors in the hospitals who are specified to handle maternity wards and delivery rooms are free and must handle the emergencies. The hospitals have facilities for expecting mothers.

Will the independent adoption lawyers in Georgia be available?
All of the businesses are open and doing specific duties that are allowed by the government. But there are others that are completely banned because they have to deal with many people at once. But the various adoption agencies like Tom Tebeau are opened but the timings have to be confirmed also tough questions about adoption must be asked.

What is the effect on the proceedings of the court?
The federal government has specified timings of the court attendance and restricted the presence of people to the minimum. This is making the hearings of different cases really difficult and the COVID-19 is making it challenging for the process of adoption. The process will not stop but slow down a little.

How will both the parties meeting during this pandemic?
The best way to keep in contact with the expecting mother or the other parties who want to put the child for adoption. The one way to stay in touch with each other is to talk through various video call apps. Also they can meet in houses by keeping a social distance from each other.

Till when should you expect to have the child adopted?
It is really uncertain as to when the Coronavirus will end and how much time it will take for the whole process to finish. So both the parents have to be patient as it will take longer than usual for the process to complete when the COVID-19 will finish.

How will the home study be done during the Coronavirus outbreak?

The home study is easy to conduct because the inspector is only one person who is going to come to the house and complete the investigation. The inspector can sit at a distance and do all of the inquiries. After that the inspector can go about to investigate on their own.

What to do if you got the symptoms?

Not all people who suffer from the COVID-19 show the symptoms. But when they do; the best thing to do is isolate themselves. The symptoms include; dry cough, sore throat, body pain, runny nose, difficulty in breathing and fatigue.

Who will take care of the child if you have the COVID-19?

If the child is your custody and you start to have the symptoms; then the child will be given in the care of social services until you have been totally cured and able again to raise the child. The process of adopting a child in Georgia can resume after you have recovered.