Planning a Trip to The Little Magic Sands Beach Park

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Locals nickname this little beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii’s Big Island. Magic Sands Beach Park, even though it is officially named the La’aloa Beach County Park. This beach’s elegant name originated from the fact that it alternates. This is between having sand and a stony shoreline. White Sands Beach and Disappearing Sands Beach are other names for it.

There is no mystical explanation for the sand’s removal.

One of the few beautiful white sand beaches in the Kailua-Kona region is Magic Sands Beach Park. especially in calm weather. However, this beach is still a great place to swim and snorkel even without sand. When circumstances are quiet, scuba diving is popular in a little rocky cove south of the point.

The beach is a favoured spot because of its reputation for having powerful surf. When entering the ocean, experts suggest being careful. because inexperienced swimmers and body boarders may be in risk due to the powerful surf.

There are restrooms, showers, and a volleyball net at this beach. There are always lifeguards on duty. In addition to living up to the moniker of “disappearing beach,” the region is a “sacred place.”  La’aloa, which means “very sacred” in Hawaiian. This attests to by many archeological sites nearby.

The remains of the ancient Hawaiian temple Haukalua Heiau, which is on a point slightly south of the beach. They are among the area’s old historical relics. The descendants of those who inhabited this location for hundreds of years. built a tiny ceremonial platform (lele) and rebuilt the stone edifice.

Where Is Magic Sands Beach?

The beautiful white-sand beach in Kailua-Kona known as Magic Sands. or technically La’aloa Beach, gets its name from an annual disappearing act. The reason it’s called Magic Sands. Or occasionally Disappearing Sands—is that the sand is frequently swept away by storms. It revealing the lava rock beneath. The beach reverts to its lovely state as the sand gradually reappears.

This regards as the Island’s greatest location for boogie boarding. However, there’s a significant surf break on the coast. so beginners should proceed with caution. South of the beach is a little rocky cove that is well-liked for calm-weather scuba diving.

This tiny beach (officially named Laʻaloa Beach and also known as White Sands). It is about 4 miles south of the center of Kailua-Kona. It offers turquoise water, beautiful sunsets. Also minimal shade, and arguably the greatest bodysurfing and bodyboarding. A word of caution to first-time surfers: the waves here are generally strong. sometimes to the point of being enjoyable. but occasionally strong enough to blow you right off your feet. Magic Sands is nearly never empty.

The beach, known as “Magic Sands,” can disappear almost over night during peak winter waves. Most swimmers find the beach too dangerous. when the exposed rocks and coral beyond the receding sands become visible. The shore gradually reverts to its old beachy state as the sand gradually reappears.

Act of Disappearance

There is no mystery at all about the disappearing sands. Magic Sands lacks an offshore reef, therefore the waves break at the beach, or “beach break,” as surfers refer to it. A gradual fall from the shoreline descends into the ocean. and with each strong wave, buckets of white sand are silently pulled into the water. leaving behind jagged black lava rocks. It is possible to spend one day lounging in the sun on fine white sand then come back to a rocky beach the next. After a day or two, if the waves are strong enough, they will gently carry the white sand back. cleaned and prepared for beachgoers.

What Activities Are Available at Magic Sands Beach Park?

magic sands beach park

Nothing compares to swimming and wading in the Kona Coast’s azure waves on calmer days at the sea. When heading out, don’t forget to ask the lifeguard about the state of the ocean and stay near to your children.

Boogie boarders adore Magic Sands’ powerful waves. because of their ability to produce powerful waves. Imagine being able to ride a wave without interruption to shore. On the Big Island, this is one of the greatest beaches for boogie boarding.

Snorkelers and scuba divers are making their way to the rocky cove. at the southernmost point of the beach during calmer water conditions.

Is There Any Food Available There?

A residential neighborhood surrounds Magic Sands. where condominiums and holiday rentals may be found. However, even for individuals who get up at the beach ravenous, there are food alternatives.

There isn’t a constant vendor with a specific timetable. Occasionally food trucks may pull up in the parking lot. and provide standard beach cuisine.

Magics Beach Grill and Beach Shack are next to Magic Sands Beach Park. The Beach Grill offers dine-in or take-out options including coconut-poached kampachi. Also ahi steak, garlic shrimp, vegetarian options, and island-style sandwiches. Making it a more upscale beach experience. It’s best to make reservations, especially for dinner.

You can choose to eat on the terrace with a view of the ocean or indoors. Breakfast and lunch are available for takeout from The Beach Shack. For breakfast, pick from vegetable or bacon/cheddar burritos, avocado toast on Kona, or acai bowls. For lunch, they serve cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders on kid-sized plates. In addition, they serve salads, sandwiches, fish tacos, fish and chips, and other island specialties to adults.


This site has other archeological elements that are not under protection.  A canoe landing, poho palu (bait mortars), a wall that delineates the boundary between Pahoehoe and La’aloa. A papamū (Hawaiian checkerboard etched in the beach rocks), and a ku‘ula, or fisherman’s god stone, are among them. Please show respect for what’s left of this hallowed area while the heiau is open. Do not tread on the heiau or leave rubbish there.

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