How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

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Testosterone is the most crucial hormone in males. This hormone performs any tasks along with sexual functioning. It is a sex hormone found in males, but it is also found in females with lesser quantity. The role of testosterone is more important for males than in females, which is why females have a lower amount. Testosterone is a steroid hormone and made by the Leydig cells in male testicles. In females, it is produced by ovaries.

Additionally, adrenal glands also produce a smaller amount. It secretes in an abundant amount when boys are in the phase of puberty. This is the trigger behind the physical changes in boys that make them men by changing their hair growth, voice, physical appearance, and many more. However, its production is fluctuating from adulthood to old age.

How does it Function?

Its functioning is potent for sexual health, body composition, and overall health. Testosterone increases may aid in gaining muscle mass and improve vitality. This hormone plays a vital role in male’s health betterment, especially when they become aged. Here we are in some ways that you can apply to increase Testosterone’s natural level without any harm.

Some Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

Take Exercise

Having a mobilized life is the eradicator of many physical health issues. Taking exercise is one of the best ways to overcome physical, sexual, or mental health issues. It prevents many problems and diseases and also helps to maintain a higher level of testosterone. It has been found with the studies that regular exercise boosts the testosterone levels and support fitness. Moreover, increased physical activity is beneficial for testosterone production. However, not only use but resistance training and weight lifting also proven to boost testosterone. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is useful and provides maximum testosterone production.

Blend of Carbs, Protein, & Fat

Eating right to make you feel right. This is a simple way to make yourself away from many health issues. Testosterone can also be improved by taking balanced diets such as carbs, fats, and proteins. Dieting is not suitable for healthy testosterone levels. That is why it is necessary to consume enough protein that supports fat loss and boost testosterone. Taking carbs is vital because they give you testosterone optimization during resistance training. Studies revealed that the intake of healthy fats produces not only testosterone but also improves overall health.

Avoid Stress

Stress impacts directly upon your physical health through the extreme production of cortisol hormone. It has been found with the studies that stress and cortisol production is directly related to each other. Stress is not suitable for testosterone maintenance. Imbalance in cortisol may reduce testosterone. Moreover, this positive relationship between stress and cortisol may produce increase food intake and lead to weight gain, which is another factor for testosterone decrease. Avoiding stress may help you to produce cortisol hormone and stimulate healthier testosterone production. Managing your stress through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, sleep, and relieving therapy may help you to avoid the lack of testosterone reduction.

Enjoy Sun Shine

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. It has been found in different researches that vitamin D has numerous benefits along with testosterone boost. Its deficiency means many issues are popping inside. Moreover, a study has revealed that taking the suggested amount of vitamin D may increase testosterone by up to 25%. Taking it in supplemental form is also in, but natural sunlight is considered the best source. When using vitamin D through supplements, then take 3,000 IU of a vitamin D3 supplement daily.

Add Mineral and Vitamins

Well, adding minerals and vitamins into your life will ensure healthier outcomes. Multivitamins have many benefits to increase sexual health and functioning. Vitamin B and zinc supplements can increase sperm quality up to 74% and support testosterone levels. Other vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E directly aid in producing the sex hormone (testosterone). But, findings revealed that vitamin D and zinc are more useful for testosterone.

Take Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing that’s should be done to maintain health and fitness. Taking the good and restful sleep may improve health and also aids in hormone secretion that also includes testosterone. Having sleep of 5 hours may restore a healthy level of testosterone in men, but limiting sleep time will affect its production by 15%. It has also been found with the scientific studies that those who take high-quality sleep may enjoy better levels of testosterone than those who are having a lack of sleep.

Use of Natural Testosterone Boosters

There is always a solution to every problem. The use of natural testosterone boosters is one of the options that can be tooled to improve testosterone without any side effects. There are scientific studies that suggest taking supplements. Many herbs, plants, and natural ingredients can boost testosterone levels. Some herbs such as ashwagandha, Ginkgo Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, ginger, and ginseng may help to improve this hormone production. Having Nugenix Total T as your supplemental source will secure more natural and healthier levels of testosterone.

Eliminate Estrogen

Despite supporting ways, try to avoid all those things that can hinder in the form of testosterone creation in the body. Estrogen is another hormone that is produced in the body, but it is not suitable for manhood. The increase in estrogen may affect testosterone production. Eliminating this hormone production by avoiding its exposure. Try to avoid chemicals, parabens, and different plastics containing parabens. Moreover, reducing alcohol consumption and gruds from your life may help to increase testosterone levels.

Stay Happy

Happiness is the feeling that supports physical and emotional health. It changes the way your body responds to health issues. It reduces stress and induces better health outcomes. Being happy may improve hormone production that involves testosterone. It has been found in studies that stress inhibits the production of testosterone. So be happy and meditate to boost your testosterone levels naturally.


Testosterone is the primary hormone in the male reproductive system. It started to decline after the age of 30+. Some ways can help to increase healthy testosterone levels naturally. On the other hand, many men face their decline in early adulthood, but this is very rare. Most of the cases reported with a lack of testosterone after crossing the 30 years of age. Its role in male sexual health and overall physical health is much more potent. That is why its maintenance is on priority in every man. All the above ways are natural and help you to maintain healthy t levels in the body.

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