5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Swimming With a Stoma

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Be it ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy, people with stoma often find it difficult to get their lifestyle back. It’s almost like trying to fit back into your favorite Tshirt after shedding off pounds of weight. For some, it’s the lack of confidence to dive into a public pool. But what’s stopping most individuals is an underlying fear. Therefore, I have decided to show you 5 ways to overcome your fear of swimming with a stoma. Besides, regardless of the shift, nobody deserves missing out on their water escapade. Right? Let’s get you back in the water in 5 minutes.

First Thing First; Acceptance
Before going into the changing room or taking any other step, this is the first thing you need to do. Accepting who you are and accepting the situations that your present personality will attract. This is a bitter pill to digest but without accepting the reality before going out there, it knocks our socks off. And that hurts. Ever been told the importance of adaptation? Though this may be a cliche, it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to it that matters. Learn to accept yourself by acknowledging the fact that it is okay to have eyes on you in the pool and that it is equally okay to be emotionally troubled. The more you accept a thing or a situation, whether bad or good, the more it becomes easy. We can make friends with the most horrible monster if we learn to accept it the way it is. You may practice acceptance through meditation. It has worked for me to get rid of the fear and the lack of confidence.

Wear Ostomy Conscious Swimsuits
The advancement in fashion trends has found development in outfits for special conditions. Today, you no longer have to jump into just any swimsuits. Regardless of our choice, whether you’re going for a one-piece suit or a two-piece suit, you can always find ostomy conscious swimsuits at great prices. These suits offer functional waistband supports for your pouch while still being aesthetic and comfy. There are also surf-styled board shorts for men for the same purpose and with the same functionality, support, and comfort. Also, make sure your swimsuit is a such that fits perfectly.

Use Waterproof Ostomy Pouches And Accessories
The first question most people ask is “can I swim with a colostomy bag”. Sure you can. As long as yours is a waterproof ostomy pouch with waterproof seals. But again, it’s not really about can you swim with a colostomy bag that matters. It’s more about using it the right way. To make sure that yours is rightly fitted and that it doesn’t slip through your swimsuit, here’s what to do. First off, lie down flat in a bathtub after dressing up. See if there’s any feeling of discomfort. And finally, secure that the seals stays snug and it doesn’t leak in any way.

Health Supplements And Diets
It’s inspiring to find yourself inspiring. You’re not letting the situation decide your lifestyle. You’re taking charge and getting back in the fun of swimming. To help yourself get better faster, it is important that you pay attention to your diet plan and health supplements. People with an ostomy are usually diagnosed with special diets and supplements. If your doctor skips that part, you should appoint a visitation to make a reminder. And if you’ve already been given a list of supplements and food to stick to, stick to them. Not only will eating the right food get you back in shape faster, but some supplements also contain antibiotics that help fight the bacteria’s you may get in contact with, in the pool.

Be More Educated And Supported
Reading widely and getting in the know of your current lifestyle is important. You’re able to know more of the dos and donts of a stoma whether when swimming or bathing or going about your usual daily activities. Therefore, it is essential to join supportive communities online to link up with friends you can relate with. You may even go out to the pool with your community friends to gain more confidence and get over the fear.

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