What are the top packaging trends of 2020?

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2020 has just arrived, and every New Year comes with new hopes and new trends. In the packaging industry as well, we are expected to see some breathtaking packaging designs. Since the packaging design is essential for a brand and business, box manufacturing companies try to experiment with innovative methods and strategies to develop and create new packaging for brands. Some exciting trends are going to surprise us in 2020, and we will be encountering some extraordinary designs. Elegant colors and innovative illustrations would be welcomed by the brands, and unusual and unexpected packaging styles would be taking over the market. In this post, we will be throwing light on the conventional designs and packaging trends that will be taking over the market.

Packaging that tells a story

In 2020 the brands and big businesses need to rely on well-defined and more elaborate packaging designs. Customers are smart, and they want to purchase from a brand that is reliable and has a reputable name in the market. If the brands want to connect well with the buyers more than before, they need to get a packaging design that tells the brand’s story. Online retailers need to keep this in mind those online packaging needs to be even better defined because they lack a physical store or appearance. The storytelling packaging designs are reliable and promise more sales. The customers should be able to know the story of the brand during the go through the process of unboxing.

A magnum opus packaging design

In 2020 the competition in the market would increase. More brands would be introduced in the market and the custom boxes for shipping need to more attractive so that they can be a great way to promote the brand free of cost. The packaging should be unique and special and should resonate with the item that is placed inside the box. Fascinating designs like Metamorphosis would be taking the packaging industry by storm because of its unique and artful nature. Metamorphosis is expected to become one of the biggest packaging trends in the year 2020. Such packaging designs have detailed illustrations and tell the brand story correctly.


The retro-futurism is a unique type of packaging design that works very well among customers of all ages. The retro is known to be something very traditional, but when it’s blended with something modern and innovative, it will enhance the appeal of the custom boxes you are presenting to your customers. They will get feelings of nostalgia while the anticipation will also be on the rise. The bright colors like neon and gradients can be used to enhance the appeal like never before. This type of design has been in trend for a long time, and the popularity doesn’t seem to die down quickly. If the brand is interested in shipping products safely from one place to the other, then custom boxes for shipping should be packaged well, so the product reached the customer in the best of shape.

The colors splotches and blurred images

The best thing about custom boxes is that they can be customized according to your requirements and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can fit in any product with ease as they provide maximum protection to the items packed inside. The multi and spotted gradients are being used along with the blurs, and this combination is to die for. Many brands are using blurred images for creating innovative designs on their product boxes as they excite the customers. They try hard to analyze what’s behind the blurred vision, and it’s the human instinct to get attracted to the most innovative things in the market. If you want your brand to stand out among the crowd, then choosing such a design can work very well for you. The designers of today are working hard and bringing new ideas to fulfill the requirements of their valued customers.

Heavy detailed packaging

Maximalist is always the first choice when it comes to packaging designs as most of the elite customers are still on the lookout for something high end and luxurious. It grabs a lot of attention due to flashy, intense, and vibrant colors. The heavy design and nice packaging for the products will convince the shoppers to buy the product even when they don’t require them. The beautiful graphics used on the boxes can further make them graphically appealing. Bigger fonts with flashy colors are something some retailers are experimenting with, and the results turned out to be useful. The prominent patterns can make the brand stand out among other rivals.

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