Best Education System in the World | Education System Ranking by Country

Welcome to my another latest blog post, Education is the backbone of a nation. But every nation has different education system. Today, I am going to discuss about Best Education System in the world or Education System Ranking by Country.

Education System Ranking by Country

1. Finland Education System.

Finland has won the unofficial title since 2000 as the best-educated country in the world. Finland is expected to take the official title in 2017 after adding five new key indicators to our educational ranking system. Japan and all three. – South Korea, the winner of our ranking system. Finland ranks 3rd in the new index – the middle school children and teacher ratio of both primary and secondary schools.


Power Ranking Score of 114



2. Japan Education System.
In the last three years, the top 20 in the world ranked second in the education survey. Japan is expected to take second place in the fourth year drawn. Japan’s education system is rated as one of the best. With great development for students aged 5 to 14 years.

Power Ranking Score of 104

3. South Korea Education System.
South Korea, a three-time winner of the world’s top 20 education poll rankings, is expected to finish third in 2017. South Korea outperformed students with a completion rate of only 5 to 14 out of the five new indices. It must be noted, however, that South Korea, for the past three years, was projected to remove the second or third, but after the annual reading scores and graduation rates of high school and college students, they are first in the annual vote.

Power Ranking Score of 101

4. Denmark.
Denmark is probably the most acclaimed country in the world of the educated elite. The school ranks 5th among secondary age students and 7th and ninth in the elementary and secondary school student ratio.

Power Ranking Score 1

5. Russia.
After securing the top spot in the world’s top 20 education surveys – number 1, Russia remains one of Europe’s top countries in preparing its students for the workforce. Its teacher-to-teacher ratio for students from 14 to 18 (one teacher for every ninth student) is ranked third in the world. Turning Russia into the top 5 for the third year in a row is clearly possible.

Power Ranking Score 91

6. Norway.
Norway ranked 8th in 2016 but increased its ranking by 10 places in the first quarter of 25।. Norway’s teacher ratios rank second in the world for primary-age students (one teacher per student) and fifth in the world for secondary students (one teacher for every ten students). Like most countries, the results of their international test scores will determine how much longer they finish in the final election in December.

Power Ranking Score 32

7. The United Kingdom.
Britain’s teacher issues have begun to influence their international rankings, a drop from last year’s final rankings. For the past four years, teachers in the country have been struggling to get better pay, more classroom support, and more teachers. If this problem continues, Britain may be out of the top ten for the first time.
Power Ranking Score 78

8. Israel.
Israel ranks second in the world’s education system in terms of early childhood development and remains strong in the international arena. And their improvement in elementary education completion rates and school admission rates is among the highest levels in the world. It is not impossible for Israel to rise to the top five by the end of the year.
Power Ranking Score 77

9. Sweden.
Sweden’s progress over the past three years has been impressive. In Sweden, the middle-aged students (1 to 5) are the third in the world in line with Nordic peers (Finland, Denmark, and Norway). For elementary-age students, their completion rate is five-sixth if they expect their final year to improve to a final ranking of 18, their secondary student’s high school graduation rate (69%) should reach a high level.

Power Ranking Score is 75

10. Hong Kong.
Hong Kong has the highest enrollment rate in the world for elementary age students. Ranked 14th in the top 20 rankings last year, if the country ever wants to make it to the top ten, its admission to childhood education should improve. However, with the current success of test scores and admission completion rates for elementary-age students, this is highly unlikely.

Power Ranking Score is 70

11. The Netherlands
Ranked at number ten in last year’s World Twenty20 poll, the Netherlands ranked in the bottom eleven in this year’s pre-election poll. An important basis for annual rankings, the secondary and secondary school rankings for elementary and school students in the Netherlands keep them relevant as the year begins. If their international test scores in mathematics, science, and lessons can improve for both age groups, the Netherlands’ final year ranking should end the year on top.

Power Ranking Score 67

12. Belgium.
Belgium might have the foremost complicated education system within the world.
Their system has three distinct communities – Flemish, German and French-speaking. Nonetheless, they rank ninth and fourth in the student-to-student ratio for elementary and secondary grades and are the first for school-student student admissions for elementary and middle-aged students. They have the third-highest childhood enrollment rate (98%) in the world, with no way that they should not be ranked in the top 20 at the end of the year.

Power ranking score 65

13. Germany.
Germany is a world power of economic and social justice. Face another year of trying to get back into the top ten in the world in education development. After being in the top ten for the last ten years, Germany is in the top 10 in an even greater challenge.

Power ranking score 63

14. China
China finished in the top 10 (number 9) in 2016, unlike Germany. However, he has a tough challenge to replicate this feat in 2017. Their main obstacle is to improve admission rates in their early childhood. Every year, they have to stop finishing in the top-five. Hopefully, they will invest more in each child.

Power ranking score 62

15. Singapore.
Singapore is the best exam country in the world after the year, their primary and secondary international exams in mathematics, science and reading were the highest and best in 2016. Nevertheless, the number of primary and secondary children in school is not impressive. In both cases, they failed to make it to the top 20. This is where a lack of education for every child in our country weakens their economic and social development. It will also be interesting to see if they make it to the top 5 this year with five new educational indicators in the poll.

Power ranking score 57

16. Portugal.
Portugal is always in the middle. Average, below average or below average. In last year’s selection poll, they were scheduled to finish in the top 20 but were not eligible. He is expected to finish 16th this year. Which would be their highest ranking. Primary, school-age children and middle-school students are the sixth-best teachers at number two in the world. Portugal has the best chance in the top 20 for the final 20 rankings.

Power ranking score 54

17. Hungary.
Hungary’s education system ranked 20th in the world last year. The ratio of middle school students is guaranteed to be almost high this year with the 5th highest teacher. The only drawback is their high graduation rate (32%).

Power ranking score is 52

18. Estonia.
Estonia is ranked eighth in the ranking from Northern Europe. Out of the top 20 last year, the bus is barely missing. His country has the highest primary age completion rate for students in the world. With the opportunity to improve this year, it will depend on how well their primary test primary students have achieved their international test scores in secondary education.

Power ranking score is 50

19. France.
France’s childhood admission rate was the highest in last year’s survey, increasing its chances of finishing in the top 20 again. More interestingly, it has the fourth-largest number of French students in the primary school age group in the world. If the leadership of the new government continues to invest in its education system, by 2020 France may be the top 10 countries in the field of education.

Power ranking score is 50

20. United States
Are you having a shock? No doubt, the United States government is in a transition phase. America ranked 7th in last year’s rankings. Best since the 70s. Early indicators, however, suggest that the US will reorganize itself, with more public school funding in charter schools and disbanding teachers’ unions. This time next year, we will know those results.

Power ranking score 47

Education makes sense of the world around us and makes it something better. It develops our view of life. It helps us to form opinions and create philosophies in our lives. Be sure to choose wisely.

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