Common Roofing Problems to Watch Out for this Summer

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Summer is the season of leisure. It’s meant for fun in the sun and relaxing by a pool or lake. But just because the sunny days bring out a desire for lazy days doesn’t mean there’s not still work to be done on our homes.

When most people think of roofing problems, they think of issues that pop up during winter or spring storms or the annual maintenance they do in the fall. Few people think of the problems that can occur in the summer.

However, summer comes with its own set of roofing troubles, and being aware of them is the best way to be prepared so you can take action before they become serious issues that you need roofers in Toronto for hire to fix. Here are some of the most common roofing issues that occur during summer and what to do about them.

Moisture in the Attic

Summers are getting more and more hot and humid. The humidity means moisture, which can build up in your attic. When this happens consistently, the moisture seeps into the insulation, which not only renders it less effective, it can lead to rot and mould.

Moisture in the attic typically means there isn’t enough ventilation, so the solution might be installing new roof vents or changing the type of ventilation you’re using. Consider going with modern ridge ventilation, as it is often more effective than vents on the slopes of the roof.


While we don’t usually get the same frequency of storms in the summer as in the fall, winter and spring, when they do occur, they typically happen fast and furious, which can lead to significant damage. Just because your roof stayed strong during spring rains doesn’t mean a leak won’t happen during a sudden shower in the summer.

Water leaking into your home from your roof is one of the most critical roofing problems. It is vital that you tackle this issue immediately and call in the professionals to fix it before it leads to more problems and more damage.

Damage from the Sun

In the peak of summer, it’s common to feel the effects of the intense summer sun on your skin, which is why it’s so important to wear SPF. Just as the sun can cause damage to your skin, it can also cause damage to your roof.

Your roof protects the rest of your home, and days spent baking in the peak summer heat take their toll. Newer shingles are designed to reflect the heat rather than absorb it, but it’s still normal for shingles to dry out. This can lead to cracked or curling shingles or loss of the protective coating. When this happens, shingles need to be repaired or a new roof might be necessary to get the protection from the elements your home needs.

Watch out for these summer roofing issues and you’ll be prepared to tackle whatever comes your way, so you can get back to relaxing on those sunny days.

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