Is Sober Living a Waste of Time and Money

If you’re someone who faces this question, then you should understand that the short answer is no, and the long answer can be explained with a lot of reasons. However, if you are extremely dependent on any of the drugs, then you should choose a detox or rehab and not this. But first, you need to know why people prefer to join sober living facilities. These are places where they can isolate themselves from the stresses of normal life and stay safe for a while. You can try them too and you will notice how far you can change during your stay in them. Here are some other reasons why sober facilities are needed.

It is Important in Addiction Recovery

Many people join rehab and detox centers to get rid of their addictions. These centers provide medical treatments, therapies, counseling, etc. and keep their patients engaged in constructive activities. The patients also practice important life skills and stress-management strategies to stay sober in their future. When they move out of these centers, they will need a safe place to practice those skills and impart those ideas in their regular lives. Sober facilities provide those safe places to the patients. Here they can feel free to do anything they want, except doing drugs and disturbing others.

Gives You Peer Guidance & Support for Recovery

When you join these sober homes, you will also be getting a lot of support and care through personalized recovery programs, peer support programs, and individual therapies. These programs are designed to help you overcome your personal issues that hinder you from gaining sobriety and personal growth. You will be provided training in life skills, employment skills and so much more. The peer support programs bring you together with other people who are recovering from drug abuse. You will learn a lot of different perspectives about drug abuse and recovery, while learning constructive stuff from success stories.

It is More Like A Vacation

The sober houses offer spacious, open community areas where you can enjoy company with other participants. You can relax, rest, and enjoy your stay there. Once you distract yourself from drugs and become light, you become ready to move out into your regular life. You will have access to libraries, swimming pools, coffee lounges, entertainment centers, Wi-fi, and so much more. You can make use of your free time to practice new hobbies too. You can even catch up with your work and stay connected with your friends and family.

Affordable & Enjoyable

Most sober houses offer a range of options with varying levels of comfort. You can choose any of them, or even customize your stay with the amenities you will need. You can contact the centers directly and ask for their cost of stay. The most affordable sober homes start at $600 per month, and the best you can get can vary between $2500 to $3000 per month. These centers also provide urgent care for all their participants in case they need them during their stay.