VPS Hosting:Is MilesWeb Good To Go Check Here? 

VPS hosting offers best environment which consists of scalability and resources. In VPS the performance and uptime is excellent as it gets an equal portion of the server space as well as high configuration of CPU and RAM.

VPS hosting are offered by many hosting provider hosting companies like MilesWeb, Hostinger, Bigrock,  Bluehost but I would suggest you to go with MilesWeb as the most reliable way for hosting your site. 

If you are looking for reliable solution, MilesWeb is certainly the one to look for as the VPS hosting in India which offers Cloud VPS with excellent features. The Linux hosting services is available at Rs.630/month. 

For normal traffic website if you have tight budget and instead of sign up for a heavy dedicated server, you can go for a VPS server that allows you to use far more resources than shared hosting packages.  

 VPS hosting will give you independent and flexibility for your site. You have better control with good features with VPS hosting. VPS server is cheaper than dedicated server and also the resources with better performance and security that your single platform does. 


Managed vps hosting services

  • Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime: They offer Tier 3 AND Tier 4 data centers which gives you excellent Uptime of 99.95% Uptime which gives you excellent speed and performance and avoids downtime.  The point of having website those visitors that you can always access it your site that always be working and they handle it precisely.  They keep their words and commitment as they mentioned in their guidelines. 
  • Superior Speed Performance: If you see from a user’s point of view, it’s quite safe to say that you as well as other users hate slow loading websites. MilesWeb promises speed that can’t be beaten in the industry. This prompts us to leave the website, if it doesn’t load in the first few of seconds. With this thing in mind my usage, it is quite obvious that the page loading time was the best as compared to most of the other hosting providers in the market.

MilesWeb believes in offering managed Linux VPS and Cheap VPS Windows hosting which is based on KVM hypervisor technology and built-in SSD storage.

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The important things that are as followed –
Speed: It is important that your website loads in 3-4 sec for a better quality website performance that will result in user experience and thus improves ranking on search engines.

Uptime: What happens if someone opens your website and it is not accessible? You will lose your website visitor. Uptime is one of the crucial aspects that are considered while hosting your site.

Support: With MilesWeb you get excellent 24×7 Support.  Customer support is best to solve your website hosting problems in quick time with great team with adequate knowledge.

“ Reviews by Clients for MilesWeb “- 

Milesweb reviews by client

Features are as follows offered by MilesWeb are – 

1) SSH and Root Access:   By using SSH and Root Access.  You get complete control over your VPS environment.   

2) Solid-State Drives (SSD):  State Drives are built using flash technology that helps to improve the load speed for your webpage. SSD offered by MilesWeb with its blazing speed and more durability so does your work easy and convenient.

3) Free VPS Management:   MilesWeb optimizes and manages the complete VPS server for you without any additional charges. 

4) Resource Monitoring Dashboard: The simple and user-friendly dashboard enables you to reboot VPS, monitor memory usage, server load and allows managing other configurations of your VPS server.

5) Free VPS migration: You can migrate your existing site form any hosting provider to MilesWeb without any charges their team makes it work properly execute. 

6) Global Datacenters: They offer the global datacenters so that you can host choose your server location according to your target location as you need for your site so that it would give you best uptime and performance. MilesWeb offers the server location in various countries for hosting your site as in India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia. 

7) Host Multiple sites:  With MilesWeb host it allows you to host multiple single VPS account they offer hosting of multiple domains. 

8) Free Setup:  The setup fees are not requiring as all the VPS hosting servers are deployed automatically.

9) Instant Provisioning:  With MilesWeb you get fast VPS hosting you don’t have to wait for the VPS hosting to get deployed.

Here is the VPS hosting plan offered by MilesWeb – 

vps hosting plans

Down the line – 

On the other hand, if you host your application on a virtual private server, it will help you enjoy improved reliability and stability. MilesWeb is a reliable VPS hosting provider. With the affordable plans and excellent support, you can always remain ahead of everyone in the online world with MilesWEB VPS hosting services hope you experienced a wonderful one with them.