How to Stay Healthy This Summer

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Summer is a season which needs proper instruction as to how can one stay healthy, abiding by these suggestions will be enough to enjoy a wonderful summer:

• Drink lots of water:

The first thing to be kept in mind to stay healthy this summer is drinking lots and lots of water. During summers, it is a very obvious fact that people perspire and thus lose a lot of water content which is why one needs to keep oneself extremely hydrated. If not only water, you can also go for real fruit juices like orange, apple, lemonade, coconut water, etc. be careful to choose those who have no preservatives and sugar content. The best way is to make the juices yourself.

• Eat a lot of fruits:

Another hack is consuming healthy and fibrous food items like fruits, juicy fruits like watermelon, kiwi, lemon, various berries for e.g. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. Having these stuff will boost up the number of anti-oxidants which in turn helps to keep you away from a number of diseases like high cholesterol, cancers, etc.

• Always opt for fibrous veggies:

There are people who ask whether eating healthy eatables are necessary to stay good in the summer. The answer is yes, the more and more you have natural leafy vegetables in your intakes your body responds back with much energy and strength. These vegetables comprise of cucumber, tomatoes, squash, bottle gourd, beetroot, ivy gourd, etc. Another hack is to eat less but to eat frequently.

• Don’t take in fat and carbohydrates:

Meat, egg, red meat, certain fishes are a total no-no when it comes to staying healthy this summer. Such food items have in it starch, carbohydrate, fat in huge content which works to heat up your body temperature. At times these can also be the cause for random stomach upsets and all.

• Apply sunscreen:

Another most important thing to keep in mind is to keep handy a sunscreen. People need to be alert of the fact that sunscreen can be and should be used all irrespective of gender. The application must be made on all possible exposed parts of your body. For better and efficient benefits redo the process every 3-4 hours.

• Choose a light color and loose clothes:

During summer, black or any dark color or bold prints should be consciously avoided. Such colors or designs absorbs heat and increases the body temperature, always opt for light colors and decorates. Also, loose fit clothes should dominate your wardrobe to allow a good deal of ventilation and breathing property. Don’t forget only to buy cotton and linen clothes, keep away from synthetic and silk dresses.

• Treat yourself appropriately:

With summer setting in eyeglasses should be your very first purchase; eyes are the most sensitive body parts requiring care. Along with that, keep yourself ready with other accessories like wet wipes, Aloe Vera gel, sandalwood powder, etc. and many more of the same to avoid rashes, acne, sunburns, etc. Also, keep yourself handy with a moisturizer to not run out of things in case of need.

• Keep away from alcohol and caffeine:

When discussing eating healthy eatables, one vital thing to be followed is to get rid of any beverages like alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, and others of the same. These things work to dehydrate your body which makes you feel uneasy also you maybe experience sudden fevers or chills, etc.

• Avoid the direct heat:

No one has asked you to be in house arrest but be smart to go past the direct heat of the sun. Choose to complete your outdoor chores before 1 in the afternoon and resume after 4 in the evening. With this, you will not have to subject yourself to the harmful rays. Try not to overexpose yourself.

• Focus on protecting your head and hair:

You can apply sunscreen everywhere except in such places, but at the same time, you need to take care of them. Consider putting on a hat or carrying an umbrella to avoid scalp burns. Also, try shampooing your hair with solutions that clean away chlorine content before you condition. Heat styling during summers is a total no.

• Exercise on a regular basis:

Never neglect working out that is, do not sit idle at home. Doctors clearly state that a 30 mins morning walk or maybe cycling is quite mandatory. And in the evening outdoor games and activities must be indulged. In case one decided to stay home, he or she must be engaged in physical exercises, yoga, Zumba dancing and all. Avoid the gyms if you can.

• Bath twice or more daily:

Looking after your daily routine and choices makes a great part of rules as to how one can stay healthy. Bathing is very important. Go in for often showers in cold water so that your body temperature remains low. Also taking repeated showers will help you do away with dirt and sweat, helping you from rashes and other irritations. Try to make use of mint-body soaps or washes to benefit further.

• Plan on vacation:

Vacations are the best thing you can be doing. It may be a simple beachside resort, or hiking, or camping or just some mountains to read a book, watch a movie, etc. quietly. Vacations help to lower the stress level, which in turn controlling the blood pressure and heart rate, which, as a result, helps in doing away with various heart diseases.

• Get enough of rest:

Our body tires out much faster in summers so we have to get a certain amount of sleep so that the inner organs get ample opportunity to repair and rebuild itself and prepare for the next day’s activities. Without complete rest and sleep, you will definitely feel worn out.

• Maintain considerable hygiene:

In summers, keep out your stuffed items like a pillow, blanket, and quilt so that they feed in heat and thus do away with any sort of dirt. But also, in the same manner, you will need to vacuum your house to get rid of dust, pollen, etc. Clean your room on a regular basis to avoid hay fever – it is a very common illness during the summers.

• Go for frequent swims:

If you know how to swim, you are honestly blessed during summers. Swimming in this season keeps you cool throughout, the trick in swimming is that on the one hand it is fun and entertaining yet, on the other hand, it helps you in keeping yourself fit. If not swimming, water aerobics class can also be considered.

• Do not overdo anything:

Lights and fans are definitely important for us. But don’t turn on the lights during the day time, rather open the windows and let daylight stream in. Switching on bulbs and tubes heats up the room considerably. Especially if you are on the top floor, you might consider lighting up just a bulb or two at the most.


Among others, we may consider excluding any calorie gaining like smoothies or ice creams in that case. Giving up all unhealthy habits will benefit you in summers. These tricks and hacks will make your summer a very beautiful one. Personal rules may always be there, but then this is a generalized overview.

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