How To Get The Cheapest Auto Insurance in New Brunswick

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Drivers in very few provinces in Canada consider themselves as lucky as the ones residing in New Brunswick. Driving along this province’s picturesque landscapes is a gratifying experience. Most importantly, auto insurance rates in New Brunswick are among the lowest in Canada. You would be only paying an average annual premium of $867. This is almost half of what you would be shelling out in British Columbia or Ontario.

Even though car insurance comes cheap in New Brunswick, it pays to consult insurance brokers like Surex. With professional assistance, you can further take advantage of discounts. Besides, the insurance brokers would help you choose the most suitable package.

Let’s check how you can find and compare competitively priced auto insurance quotes in New Brunswick within minutes.

Mandatory and optional insurance coverages for cars in New Brunswick

Before recommending effective ways to reduce your premium, let’s explore the types of insurance coverage you can get in New Brunswick. The mandatory coverages include:

  • Liability coverage
  • Uninsured automobile coverage
  • Direct compensation
  • Accident benefits coverage

However, with cheap auto insurance in New Brunswick available, you can also include optional additional privileges. This ensures you would be financially more resilient to accidents and unforeseen situations. The optional coverages for car owners in New Brunswick include:

  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • All perils coverage
  • Specified perils coverage
  • Uninterrupted driving coverage
  • Accidental forgiveness
  • Zero depreciation add-on

Getting competitively priced auto insurance quotes in New Brunswick

Although insurance in New Brunswick is already affordable, here are some ways you can make more savings.

1.    Pay a higher deductible

Increasing your deductible is one of the best ways to reduce auto insurance quotes. By offering a higher deductible, you portray yourself as a responsible client who wouldn’t be filing a claim for the smallest of dents. So, the insurer lowers your premium when you agree to pay a certain amount out of your pockets for repairing your car following an accident.

The average deductible car owners pay in New Brunswick is around $500. However, you may consider paying around $1,000 to reduce your premium.

2.    Insure multiple vehicles at the same time

If you have more than one vehicle in your family, try to get multiple vehicles insured by the same provider. Depending on the company and premium, you can reduce the annual premiums by up to 20%. Of course, it’s imperative to choose a generous insurer. Your broker can guide you in finding a responsible insurance provider offering such privileges.

3.    Pay annually rather than monthly

Paying your premium annually is a win-win situation for both parties. Insurers get a lump-sum amount, which they can invest for better returns. Thus, to lure customers into paying at once, they offer various discounts on annual payments.

Moreover, paying your car insurance premiums monthly comes with an administrative or processing fee. So, it’s wise to shell out the entire premium at one go and settle the insurance policies annually.

4.    Install safety gear

Driving in New Brunswick can be treacherous in winter. In order to minimize the risk, consider installing winter tires. Additionally, you should upgrade your braking system and other safety equipment to lower your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies consider car owners who install advanced safety gear to be low-risk drivers. Naturally, they roll out cheap insurance policies for such drivers. Better safety makes you less likely to encounter an accident on the road. Besides, you get an additional 5% discount on your annual premium with winter tires in your car.

5.    Complete a defensive driving program in New Brunswick

Every driver loves to take advantage of the cheapest auto insurance New Brunswick has to offer; in case you are a new driver, consider completing a defensive driving program. Even experienced drivers can enroll themselves in a driving school. Insurance companies often reduce the annual premiums for drivers undergoing professional training.

At the same time, this course will make you a safer driver, reducing the chances of accidents. In the long run, you should be involved in fewer accidents since you have adequate training.

6.    Consider an electric car

Insurance providers in New Brunswick recognize hybrid or EV owners to be environmentally conscious. So, when you settle with an EV, they would reduce your premium. With specific cars, you can save up to 10% on the premium. Purchasing eco-friendly cars in this province can help you take advantage of the rebates.

7.    Choose the right model

Your auto insurance premiums largely depend on the model you choose. So, it would be wise to settle with a car with low theft ratings. Also, consider purchasing a model with a high safety rating so that the insurance premiums remain low. If possible, go for vehicles with less powerful engines. These cars are cheaper to insure. If you are unsure about cars with low insurance costs, reach out to your insurance broker.

8.    Be a responsible car owner

Being a good driver not only involves your driving record. While insurers would value drivers with lower claims, traffic tickets, and involvement in accidents, they would also consider your promptness in paying premiums. So, try not to miss your annual or monthly premium payment. This would attract late fees, eventually pushing up your expenses.

Top brokers in Canada remind their clients about their payment dates. Working with one of these professionals, you will never miss the dates.

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Obtaining auto insurance quotes in New Brunswick becomes easy when you work with top insurance brokers.

The professionals at online insurance brokerages can help you compare multiple quotes and customize your policy. As they are a part of the industry, they can also help you bank on relevant rebates and discounts. When it comes to filing a claim, you can seek their assistance.

A significant section of New Brunswick car owners relies on insurance brokers while choosing their policies. Once you provide your details, the experts will provide you with customized quotes within minutes. So, it pays to reach out to an insurance broker to get the cheapest rates in New Brunswick.

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