How many inches should a shoe that makes you taller be?

There are several reasons why people wear shoes that make you look taller. These types of shoes have been known to provide comfort, confidence and glamour to most people, especially when putting on a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. But the question is, what is the right size of elevator shoes in terms of height increase that is advisable for you to wear? Some people do not mind adding several inches to their height whether or not it is necessary when they go shopping for elevator shoes.

How to select the right size of elevator shoe for you?

It is important to select an elevator shoe that fits perfectly to your feet. Getting one may be easy because elevator shoes have the measurement type as regular flat shoes. But what are the right inches should you consider when selecting an elevator shoe? Aside from putting the length of your feet into consideration, you may also have to consider the height increase that may be suitable for you.

An average elevator shoe may provide as much as 5 inches additional height for both men and women. You, therefore, have a range of height to choose from between 2 to 5 inches. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes come in different insole heights to enable you to make your choice based on the following factors:

  • Your actual height

Before selecting a height increasing shoe, it is vital to know what your height is so that you can easily calculate the required in Des that is needed to make you appear taller without being too obvious. You wouldn’t want everyone around you to see the miracle height increase, so it’s best to select just the right amount of insole height you think is necessary.

  • The average height of those around you

It might seem quite awkward for you to stand out as the tallest person in your community because of the extra inches that an elevator shoe provides. Depending on where you live, an average height of people around you may be a factor to consider before buying an elevator shoe. Pick a sole height that falls within the average height bracket of people around after including your actual height. By so doing, your additional height may not be obvious when you stand around others.

  • Your personal choice

The choice of inches you may want to be added to an elevator shoe may be dependent on the rate at which you plan to use them as well as the purpose of wearing them. If you plan to impress a new date that is taller than you on your regular shoes, then going for a height of additional 3 or 4 inches may not be a bad choice.

Most women tend to look at their shoes as a first-time impression. Wearing a quality, classy, and attractive pair of GuidoMaggi shoes that increase your height without being obvious to your new date, it is an elevator shoe that gives you extra confidence.

Wearing height increasing shoes is a sure way for you to appear taller and have an increased confidence boost. But are such shoes worth wearing if it hurts your feet? Some first-time wearers of elevator shoes may feel a slight difference from what they are used to, but with the right type of elevator shoes like GuidoMaggi, you may experience comfort as you gradually get used to wearing these sets of shoes.

However, the following tips may be helpful when selecting comfortable elevator shoes suitable for walking and standing.

  • Use shoe pads/inserts for your feet

Using shoe inserts may help in reducing the pressure exerted on your feet when standing or walking in height, increasing shoes.  Look for pads that are self-adhesive so that you can place them easily in your elevator shoe. You may be able to get a suitable pad from a drugstore.

However, if you do not want to go through this process of placing inserts into your shoe before you can feel comfortable, then there is a need for you to buy elevator shoes. They are designed with padded insoles, soft materials or memory foams inside the shoes. GuidoMaggi shoes are made with users comfort placed as the top priority.

The padded insoles help in eliminating shock and promoting soft impacts on your feet while working.


Choosing the right height of elevator shoe is good for you, because it does not make your additional height too obvious to see. One brand of shoe that offers you a variety of shoe heights you can consider buying is GuidoMaggi elevator shoes.