Google: I’m Feeling Curious: Why You Should Use It

You can combine your dull moments with some easy & accessible information via Google. Yep, you read it right! Google rolled out a feature I’m feeling curious for people like you and me in September 2015. Since then, it has become the talk of the town and a lot of Google account users have benefited from it. You are too late to know about this feature.

Better to be late than to be never. You can start using this amazing feature today and benefit from this opportunity efficiently. Moreover, you can also increase your education level in various subjects with its help. Don’t worry! I’m feeling curious trick answer is very easy to operate. This post will help you.

This article maps out a step-by-step comprehensive guide to exploring what I’m feeling curious about. You can walk through the given steps and use this amazing opportunity. Furthermore, you will also come to know how to use this opportunity to make a better version of yourself.

How to Use I’m Feeling Curious Trick Answers 

Are you curious to know how to play the ‘I’m feeling curious Google game.’ Check out the following steps to sort out your query regarding the I’m Feeling Curious: 

  • Go to the Google Search Page.
  • Simply type ‘I’m feeling curious.’ in the search bar. 
  • You will see a random question in a box.
  • Then, you will get the answer in the box.
  • For the next question, click on the blue button Ask Another Question. 
  • You will see the next question and answer in the box. 

Why Should You Use I’m Feeling Curious Google Game?

You haven’t used I’m feeling curious Google Game, right? Now, you can use this feature and avail yourself of this great opportunity to learn more and gain more. Go over the following paragraphs to understand why you should use this feature:

Can’t Accept Only Yes or No in Answer

Are you one of those people who are very curious to know about everything in detail? If yes, you can not be satisfied by only yes or no. You would always like to know when, why, where, who, what, and how. 

For such a curious person, Google has designed this feature. After one question, then you will get another question, and then, you will get another. And for every question, you will get a relevant and informative answer. 

So, be ready to satiate your curiosity with the I’m Feeling Curious Google trick. Your curiosity will not die for the next question. Once you enter the world of questions and answers, your curiosity will only heighten.

Exploring Interesting in Lazy Moments on I’m Feeling Curious

If you are exploring something interesting in your lazy hours, the Google feature I’m feeling curious will fill your mind with interesting facts. You will get many surprising answers.

For instance, you get the question ‘Can your skin burn or TAN through glass?’ You will be surprised when you read in the box ‘that glass filters out UVB rays and these UVB rays cause sunburn and sun tan on your skin.’ 

What will happen after knowing this fact? Your brain will release oxytocin hormone and send a message to your mind to read the next interesting question. 

Don’t Get Scared If Your Previous Information is Wrong

We come across many sources in our day-to-day life. All sources are not reliable but we accept them as true. In this way, we form beliefs and opinions on various matters. But sometimes, it can happen that when you start operating the I’m curious trick, you will come across new facts and new information. This new information can contradict your previous beliefs, opinions, and information. 

At that time, you should not feel scared. You should accept the information that Google has been serving you. Google serves you information from the most trustworthy sources. I know that this can be very difficult for you to accept something new. You will not be able to transform your beliefs and opinions in the beginning. 

However, the curious people who use the Google feature I’m curious are more willing to take risks and accept new beliefs and opinions. You should not feel scared of finding yourself wrong. 

Utilize Your Time in Learning New

You should use the Google: I’m Feeling Curious feature if you want to utilize your time to improve your general knowledge. So many Google users have availed of this trick. You can also type I’m feeling curious and open a new window of general knowledge. For instance, you will get the answers to such informative questions as

  1. How long is the day on the equator?
  2. When was the bread first made?
  3. Which is the only planet that rotates clockwise?
  4. When did the ping pong originate?
  5. Who was the first American President to live in the White House?

Isn’t this feature of Google unbelievable? This new window of Google will open many doors of general knowledge for you. You can’t get such a handy and simple way to explore so many unknown facts. If you use it continuously for at least half an hour, you will gain a broad knowledge of various things. 

Become Faster & Smarter than Before with I’m Feeling Curious

Who doesn’t want to become more productive in this world? Who doesn’t want to become faster and smarter? 

You can also be faster and smarter like the most successful people in this world. You only need an opportunity to grow yourself. Google feature I’m curious is just like an opportunity for you that you can use anytime.

Your regular visits to the curious feature will completely change you. With your increased level of knowledge, you will head toward a more informative person. You will start making tiny improvements in your work strategies and achieve success with fewer struggles in your life. 

The End Note

Finally, you have learned how the feature of Google I’m feeling curious can drastically change your life. Hope that you will use this feature without any ado. Let’s set on the journey of curiosity and learning.