Fantasy Cricket – Why it is so popular in India

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Fantasy Cricket is an online sport in a virtual squad consisting of real players formed, and points are scores. It is as per how real players perform in real life matches.

To become eligible to pocket a tournament, players need to work towards acquiring maximum points and highest slot in the leaderboard.

The Fantasy Cricket game depends on bawling and batting orders – and they are considered to be the most vital part of the strategy for Cricket. Any change, even in small order, has the capacity to change the order of any match. The concept of the Fantasy Cricket is that you need to select 11 players and 3 bench players from a players’ pool playing in a match.

There are no caps on budget, and the selection of player is not restricted to the specific number of batsman, all-rounders and bowlers. But some fantasy apps can help you create a Team as per their pre-set patterns.

The best instance of the given pattern is selecting 5 batters, 2 all-rounders, 1 wicket keeper and 3 bowlers. Your Fantasy Cricket Team can have players in of any type. The motto in a Fantasy Cricket game is beat the opposition by outscoring by an as large margin as possible.

It is possible to play Fantasy Cricket in all 3 forms of Cricket such as One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Test Cricket and T20. The limited over games such as T20s and ODIs can be played in 2 formats – rounds and daily games.

Websites and sport-based apps are a crucial part of the industry for a long time. Even countries such as the USA and UK have been able to manage a hold in this rising industry. As per a report by Forbes, the American National Football League is a famous Fantasy sports app in the United States of America.

This sports app’s revenue is expected to be around 11 billion in EAR 2013. However, other than these nations, there has also been a significant rise in the number of fantasy sports apps in Asian countries. India is on the top of this list among Asian countries.
Thus, it becomes crucial for the developers of fantasy sports apps to be aware of it and the developmental process. As discussed earlier, the introduction of a fantasy sports game will be an online game where every user can be an owner of the Team.

The owner can go ahead and create a Team that would consist of real players. Such players are those who are about to feature in an actual game. Among other sports, Fantasy Cricket sites in India rise compared to other countries.

The good part about the Fantasy Cricket is that the future of the fantasy sports/Cricket looks promising. Yes, India is a Cricket crazy country, and there could not be any doubt concerning the monumental rise of the industry related to Cricket.

There are many big leagues in the game these days, and one of them is the Indian Premier League (IPL). Ever other sports like Football and more are seeing vital leagues gaining acceptance in India such as Indian Super League, Pro Kabaddi League and Indian Badminton League. Because of the massive TV viewership, India has also seen monumental growth in the number of other sports enthusiasts.

You can also find merchandising, advertisements and fan clubs to add to the sports hype in India. These form some of the vital reasons for the growing acceptance that people have got for fantasy sports. With many fantastic additions such as IPL prediction app and other products, Indian users are ready to take the big leap currently in the lucrative fantasy sports industry.

Market overview of fantasy sports apps in India
India is on the course of rising on a success ladder consisting of followers and participants of fantasy sports. Out of the expected 18 crore Indian Cricket fans, 67% are aware of the concept of knowing or playing fantasy sports. More than 7 million people are said to be connected to this industry in the existing scenario, and it just does not consist of Cricket fans.

Talking about the percentage of growth per year, it hangs between 30-50% per year. The growth rate is an indication that the nation is in dire need of the development of fantasy sports websites. Many predictions also point out that the number of followers is expected to touch 50 million.

Each time the player that you decided to carry in your Team fold performs in your sector, you will find that your institution has been growing by ranks to ranks from the match-up in the fantasy Cricket. If you are able to outscore your competitors, then you could be in a position to take home a huge amount of cash as you are now in a better position to take on other customers in the league.

Of course, there is always the score for a lot of pleasure that you can enjoy in any manner. And there is not a lot more specified desire than earning passive income or even primary by enjoying playing in a fantasy Cricket game and at the same time, make the most of your Team selection qualities.

For people who have so far represented veritable Cricket group of entrepreneurs, fantasy Cricket should continue to be the amazing source to reveal your selection potential and lots of earning in case if you become a Pro at it.

It is surely a specified pleasure trip that should provide you with progression with time cash onward, along with taking your Team selection skills to the next level and make it help you win and become big.

Going by the future of fantasy sports, the fame of fantasy sports is on the rise akin to the wildfire across the nation and in future, it is expected to show an upward trend.

With an increase in the number of internet users in India and the users’ expected count of approximately around 600 million, the development of Fantasy Cricket app will rise.

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