What to Expect From 2021, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

The year 2021 officially begins with the sun conjuncting both Venus and Mars as it enters Cancer promising a hot and sizzling season ahead. Heart and ambition are magnified by this personal and dynamic set of energies. Home, heart and our emotions are all emphasized and in the spotlight. Mercury spends the first month of the year in Cancer and begins it’s retrograde cycle on February at 23 degrees of Cancer.The usual Mercury retro delays and miscommunications are likely to affect us more emotionally during this particular cycle and keeping a sense of humor as well as objectivity attached will help you cope with the process.
 This is an excellent period to look backwards and reflect upon the things that have meant a great deal to you during the last couple of months Intuition and inner wisdom are usually strongly active during the time of year Mercury transits through the empathic and emotional sign of Cancer and with it’s backwards movement that can be heightened. Expect a flood of old memories to surface as well as we are encouraged to sort through our feelings through our thought processes.In this article we are discussion about Your Zodiac Signs.


This is a great year for building foundations, consolidating and achievement. With Saturn, the planet of reality, making a wonderful angle to your Sun, you can now make major strides forward. Your life’s direction seems to be clearer and you have the focus and desire to work hard to achieve this direction.


This promises to be an artistic, creative and romantic year for you. It’s also a year when, if you’re single, and haven’t planned marriage in 2021, you could be hearing wedding bells ringing now. Certainly, you will have opportunities. It is up to you whether you want to take them.


This could be a great year for you with highlights in the partnership and relationship area of your chart. Opportunity comes your way in this area, which could mean that if you are single, you will no longer be by year-end.

You are feeling you need to grow in your relationships. It could be that old, stale relationships could now leave your life to be replaced by ones that enable you to learn and grow. The emphasis is here on growth and abundance.


In 2021 you were still feeling the difficult effects of Saturn going through your Sign, but this is now long gone.

However, it is now travelling through your area of finances and it is urging you to be cautious and thrifty. Saturn represents discipline and it is expecting you to be disciplined in this area. If you are not, you will feel the limiting effects of Saturn.

If you are, this wonderful planet will assist you in securing firm financial foundations in your life. The choice is yours.


According to your yearly horoscope 2021,  this is an important year for you. Not a flashy one, but a solidly important one. Saturn is in your sign for most of the year urging you to take responsibility for all your actions, thoughts and feelings. As I said, it’s not a fun year, but it is one in which you can build firm foundations for the future.


This should be an interesting year for you with some different things going on. It’s certainly a busy time, but when is it ever not for you, Virgoans! Life is full of a million tasks to do – all before breakfast!


Overall, 2021 is a good year for you with many possibilities for growth and change. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all making harmonious relationships to your Sun, which indicates opportunity and a good year to bring your dreams to reality; to make them work for you. It also provides you with the necessary discipline to accomplish this.


Security is always a big issue for Scorpios but 2021 could show the way to earning alternative sources of income, with Pluto and Jupiter in the area of finances in your chart. Abundance is coming your way, but also the possibility of large expenses as well as income.

You could be involved in purchasing real estate or some large ticket item which could bring you income in the future. Certainly, finances are highlighted this year, as well as your personal sense of self-worth.


2021 appears to be a great year for you, with expansive Jupiter travelling through your sign for the first nine months.

You are just feeling more abundant, generous and able to rise above the pettiness and anxiety that has been plaguing you for some years while Pluto has trolled its way heavy-handedly through Sagittarius.


You have undergone challenges in the past few years in all areas of your life – health, finances, relationships – and these challenges have forced you to examine your life more deeply.

To work out what you really want. In fact, you have gone through a period of karma, when your negative karma has brought endings and disruptions and your positive karma, opportunities for change.


The focus this year is on cooperation and relationships. You used to be extremely idealistic about your friends and partners but over the past few years, life has taught you to be more realistic.

You no longer expect the same high standards and integrity from others that you did in the past. It’s not that you have lowered your standards, but have come to realize that you cannot change others – only yourself.


Your spirituality is still uppermost this year. Your co-ruler, Neptune, continues its slow journey through the area of intuition, compassion and spirituality in your chart, pushing these things to the forefront of your life.

It is not a year to ignore your intuition, but to follow it, even if it seems to be telling you to do the opposite of what your conscious mind is telling you to do.

Until the end of June Jupiter works calmly for you, causing you to be laid-back – possibly missing out on good investments.

However, from July the planet becomes more assertive and the new influence will encourage you to be alert to what could become lucrative in the longer term.

Generally, you will cope well with decision-making in any sphere of your life. Your love-life is highlighted by sexy Mars. This can be an exciting, enlivening influence; but you should be careful that minor problems do not cause disproportionate arguments between you and your partner.

The trend ends in July when Mars moves out of your partnership area. Don’t neglect exercise – either sporting or creative expression – as this will enable you to keep fit and healthy, and give you inner satisfaction too.