Essential Apps to Install in Android Mobile

Smartphones play an essential part in our life. We are so addicted to our smartphones that we can’t spend a single day or even a single second without it. If you just purchased an Android smartphone, you’ll need some fundamental applications to synchronize your documents, watch movies, reading e-books, listening to music, and many more.

We utilize a smartphone to a ton of things such as to chat or talk with our loved ones, create memories by clicking pictures, play games, etc. We’ve gathered the best, most helpful applications that Google Play Store Brings to the table. You can make your life simpler just by installing some useful apps so why not let it make your life simpler? Here are the most helpful applications for android!

Best Applications for your Android Smartphone

Google Translate
Google Translate is a free machine translation service which is developed by Google. It is used to translate words, phrases, and web pages from one language into another. Google Translate is a go-to interpretation application, that is accessible on any platform. There is additionally a neural network powering the stage that helps make interpretation even more accurate.

It has a large number of extra features too, including a capacity to translate the two-way conversation continuously. Google Translate is a very useful application, it makes your conversation, a bit more effective. There are many other apps available for translation like Microsoft Translate, TripLingo, and more. But Google Translate is still King of them.

Evernote is an application that is designed for writing notes and also manage your day-to-day tasks. Evernote is a task manager for your projects. It is introduced by Evernote Corporation and it’s headquartered in Redwood City, California. You can create notes, draw pictures, save pictures and web content. If you are looking for an app that manages or organizes your meetings, tasks, projects, then Evernote is an ideal choice for you.

Nova Launcher
Are you want to re-design the appearance of your android phone? If YES, Know How You can change the appearance of your Android Phones? On Android phones, you can re-design or change the appearance exactly the way you want. But on iPhones, you just can’t do this. By introducing launcher apps in your android phones you can simply change the appearance of your Phone. There are many launcher apps available on the Google Play Store.

But, Nova Launcher is the best choice to re-design or change the appearance of your android phones. Nova Launcher is a highly standardized, customized and performance-driven home screen replacement for our android. Nova Launcher not only replaces your home screen but also provides more icons, change the size, type, font of the icons, and also add-up more gesture control settings to it. Nova Launcher is available for free, but if you want more visuals, customized functions, then you should download its prime version that is for $5.

CamScanner is a smartphone application used for scanning images and paper documents. It works like a scanner for your android phones. CamScanner is available for both devices i.e., Android and IOS. It can crop your picture, change the size, format of your document. CamScanner transforms the picture into a digital text that you can search for either on your phone or app’s web interface. CamScanner scans your images, paper documents and makes available them into digitizing documents. If the camera of your phone isn’t good, then no worries CamScanner makes the picture clear. CamScanner is available for free but, if you want to try its premium package, you have to pay $5 per month.

Automatic Call Recorder
Are you looking for the best call recording apps? There are numerous apps used for call recording. But the best one is an Automatic Call Recorder because it records calls automatically. Once you launch it and give access to record your all calls, it starts recording your all calls from that very first moment. It’s most prominent feature is, you can set the calls which are recorded and which are ignored.

Microsoft Apps
Since the last couple of years, Microsoft has been dominating other software companies in terms of applications and software. Microsoft has attracted a lot of users by providing them the best applications. You can make your work easier just by installing the Microsoft Apps in your android smartphone. By downloading Microsoft Office Suite you can create an excel sheet, word file, PowerPoint presentation on your smartphone. The best Microsoft Apps which you may download in your android phones are:-

• Microsoft One Drive
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Microsoft Launcher
• Microsoft Authenticator

So, these are some mandatory apps that you may have on your android phone. By installing these apps you can make your android phone most worth it. Stay in touch with these apps to stay in touch with the effectiveness of your android smartphone. Make your work simpler, faster, and real!