Countries with the Best Hospitality that Make Your Stay Memorable

With people vacationing abroad every year, it has become very important for each country to offer the best hospitality services. Well, hospitality means having a friendly, helpful, and generous reception for the comfort and entertainment of the guest, visitors, and even strangers for the matter of fact. Offering good hospitality gives birth to a kind relationship between the guest and the host. The guest will come back if they like the hospitality of that particular hotel or country. Hospitality also helps in the economic growth of the country, which is why providing good hospitality services is important.

Most of us move to other countries not only for a vacation but also for work trips, assignments, education, events, or other reasons. Liking and disliking a particular country or hotel completely depends on how soon we settle in there. And this further depends on how welcoming, helping, and friendly that country and its people are.

You will find many countries that will make you feel at home and comfortable, all credits to wonderful hospitality services. We have compiled a list of friendliest countries with the best hotels and hospitality services in the world.

Planning to visit this North American country, here is all that you need to know. Mexico is a country with welcoming, polite, charming, and courteous people. This country is best known for luxury/budget-friendly hotels, beaches, food, hotels, and nightlife. Mexicans treat each other with great humility and respect, which is why most of the vacationers choose to come here. Mexicans don’t shy away from greeting others with physical contact, even the strangers. They always shake hands and treat all the tourists with great respect and courtesy.

New Zealand
New Zealand is a beautiful island country with plenty of holiday destinations. For this country, taking care of their tourists and offering great hospitality is a tradition. Well, they call this tradition ‘Manaakitanga’, which simply means ‘prestige to the tourist/guest’. This tradition makes New Zealand a unique country. New Zealand has a strong belief that taking care of all their guests is very important. You will see all the branded as well as budget-friendly hotels treating their guests with honor, respect, and local delicacies.

People of Scotland believe that hospitality is the king. Scotland is one of the beautiful tourist destinations, but what makes this country more welcoming is its hospitality industry. Scottish people are very humble and take hospitality very seriously. They ensure that their guest feels comfortable and do not face any kind of discomfort during their stay. In case if something of this kind happens, they also willingly refund the payment of the guest.

South Africa
Once ignored and economically poor, South Africa has emerged as a winner and a well-developed nation. It is a wonderful country with several destinations for tourists to explore. South Africa’s landscape is alluringly attractive; the cuisine is delicious and reasonably priced too. However, South African people are very friendly, welcoming, and always carry a smile on their faces, which is one of the many reasons why tourists visit South Africa. It is very common for South Africans to start a random conversation after greeting strangers.

Bosnia is a small picturesque country located in the south of Europe. It is mostly visited by tourists every year, and ever since 1995, Bosnia has seen a hike in the tourism business. Bosnia locales are very generous towards the tourists. They are kind-hearted and are always willing to help and share things with outsiders. Coffee is the most popular and important beverage consumed in this country. You can find plenty of coffee pots, vibrant souvenir shops, and coffee making workshops here. Bosnia provides excellent hospitality and welcomes tourists with an open heart.

Tiny yet beautiful, Bhutan is a heavenly Himalayan country that welcomes visitors and tourists with wide-open arms every year. They say that this country and its people are so good that tourists feel like going there more often. The bewitching monasteries, amazing culture, and lively people of Bhutan will surely win your heart. Bhutan’s king invented a method of measuring the success of the country by the happiness of its citizens, called GNH (Gross National Happiness). The happiness of people is contagious, thus making Bhutan an ideal holiday destination to enjoy a refreshing vacation.

The main reason why tourists come to India is only because of its rich cultural heritage, traditions, warm people, and their strong belief in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means our guests are equal to God. Hospitality is one of the many things that India is famous for. Indians are beyond comparison when it comes to welcoming their guests and taking care of them. They usually fold their hands together and bow down to greet them. It is their traditional way of showing respect, humility, friendliness, and love towards others. Not to forget, Indian cuisine is so delicious that you just can’t feel enough of it. Be sure to avail the Oyo Rooms coupons for great discounts on hotel deals in India, just visit the Oyo website.

We know that Portugal is a country where not many people pay for a visit, but we can give you plenty of reasons to go there. Communicating with the people there is easy as most of the locales speak English in Portugal. Also, the Portuguese are nice and very easy going people, even with the tourists. The hotel industry here is great, that offers the best hospitality. Do come here and get a taste of their drinks, and amazing nightlife.

Irish cities, namely Galway, Dublin, and Cork, are counted amongst the friendliest cities on the globe. You will surely get addicted to the country’s lively atmosphere and live music. Not to mention, the people here are so welcoming that even the drivers may wave at you while passing by the country road. Irish people greet tourists if they meet one and also provide a helping hand in the time of need.

Thailand is one of the favorites and most famous tourist destinations in the world. The hospitality industry of Thailand meets all the demands of the international tourist, which is a clear reason for the rise of Thai tourism. We are sure you will leave this country smiling because Thai people are always smiling.