Camping Essentials

Going out for camping can be a living nightmare if you will not take essential items with you. Having essential items in your backpack while camping can mean the difference between a restful vacation among the trees and a ride to the nearest emergency room.
So here is the list of camping essentials you’d regret leaving behind. The things that turn a good camping trip to a great one.

Medical Kit
There is very rare chance that you’ll experience a life-threatening injury while camping, but during hiking small cuts and scrapes can quickly become infected if not treated properly, so keep bandages and antiseptic on hand.
Your medical kit should include other necessary items like personal medication, bandages aspirin, Tylenol, medical tape, sterile gauze, elastic wrap, antibiotic wipes, antiseptic cream, burn ointment, sunburn lotion, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, tweezers, eyewash and snakebite kit.

Waterproof Dry Bag
Dry bags keep all of your belongings safe from sand, water and the environment by enclosing them in a watertight PVC encasing.
It is made from a PVC material, so it is an ideal companion for backpacking, travel, adventure and water sports, because it’s a much lighter weight than many traditional bags.

Sleeping Bag
The right sleeping bag can be a perfect addition to a night under the stars, so make sure to pick the one that suits for your type of camping trip.

Pocket Knife
While camping, sometimes you need to cut a rope, fillet a fish, or whittle a walking stick and a high-quality pocket knife is ideal for these tasks.
Invest in a high quality pocket knife that can pierce, slice and also do some chopping.

Maps and Compass
These tools are very useful when you don’t get a mobile signal in remote camping spots, or as you disappear into the forest to go hiking. So, having your navigation essentials, such as a map and compass, with you at all times in perfect.

Camping Stove
A portable camping stove is very important because you cannot 100% guarantee you can have a campfire to cook with.

Sleeping Mattress
A sleeping pad or a mattress is crucial because it puts a layer of cushioning and insulating air between your body and the cold hard ground.

Rain Jacket
You cannot enjoy your camping trip until unless you keep yourself dry and comfortable.
Choose a lightweight and waterproof rain jacket that will accommodate multiple layers of clothing. In case if it won’t cover your backpack as well, consider picking up an additional rain bag to protect your gear.

Some people sleep in their car, but for a totally classic camping experience, we highly recommend you investing in a good tent. So you can be closer to nature, and maybe even have the chirping of crickets lulling you to sleep at night.
Tent can also protect you and your gear from high winds.

High-Performance Cooler
A high quality cooler will keep your food fresh as well as cold for at least three days after being opened. It also keeps your food safe from the outdoor elements and animals.
Hence, it’s absolutely essential and worth every penny!

LED Lantern
We highly recommend you to take LED lantern with you on camping. That way your group can play cards or may be set up evening snacks.

Pack of Matches
We all know that without a fire, you have limited food options and nights become a whole lot colder as well. So, don’t risk it, and buy matchboxes in bulk.

Insect Repellent
It’s one of the core camping essentials on this list!
If you are camping in warm weather, its mosquito and tick season too. So you need a best insect repellent to make insects stay away from you.

Air-Tight Containers
If you are planning on camping for a couple of days, you will need to make some camping meals for yourself and friends.
So you need an airtight containers to so your food lasts a long time.

If you’ll be camping in areas where you can use local wood for fires, a durable hatchet is a necessary tool for the job.
If you’ll be packing in firewood, a hatchet is still a good idea for digging cat-holes or a latrine.

Evaporative Cooling Towel
Your usual home towels take forever to dry and will mildew. Harnessing the power of evaporation, these towels will keep you cool and comfortable in your entire camping trip.

A lightweight all-purpose headlamp will be your most handy purchase when the sun sets. Try to buy a headlamp with multiple brightness levels and a great light beam for close-range vision so you don’t hurt yourself in the pitch-black darkness.

Camping Chair
You need a sturdy cushioned camping chair so you can sit back for hours with a few cold ones for the best camping experience.