Best Ever Selling Toyota Cars

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If you’re thinking of buying a car, used Toyota cars are a very good option for a number of reasons. Firstly, the parts of Toyota are easily accessible and cheap everywhere. Secondly, all Toyota cars have excellent value for money. You can get a highly durable and affordable car in good price. Their maintenance costs are very low as well. Moreover, these cars provide a very high level of safety to passengers. Some of the best used Toyota cars are listed below.

Toyota Vitz
Launched in 1998, Toyota Vitz is a subcompact Japanese car having a stylish body and comfortable interior space. The reason why Vitz is popular is due to its small convenient size paired with a distinct exterior design. The fuel efficiency of this car is the highest and at par with hybrids and minicars which is pretty impressive as Vitz has a petrol engine of 1.3 liters.

Like other Toyota cars, this one is also available in many variants and there are options in engine and transmission as well. The car is equipped with features such as ABS, dual airbags, central locking system, steering adjustment, power door locks, front fog lights and much more.

Toyota Vitz is famous for its excellent fuel consumption, reliability, and satisfactory engine performance.

Toyota Aqua
This is a full hybrid hatchback model car with a power train to enhance the performance. It’s a subcompact vehicle having 5 doors. Toyota Aqua has unique leverage over other Toyota cars and is available in G and S grades and different colors. It has a powerful petrol engine of v1496 cc. It is famous in a number of countries including Pakistan.

The exterior of the car is elegant. Alloy wheels are used which spark a new life to the vehicle. The interior of the car is spacious with a combination of light and dark colors and full leather seats and interior lighting. The features of the car include power windows, power steering, central temperature control system with AC, fog lights, cruise control, keyless entry, moonroof, tachometer, an immobilizer and a hybrid option that delivers excellent fuel consumption.

Toyota Corolla New 2019
This car boasts the best selling badge in the car industry with 50 million sales over its 12 generations. Toyota Corolla nails both of the priorities of good handling and attractive design. The exterior of the car has a fancy two-tone color arrangement. Corolla comes with a fast steering, advanced rear suspension and a low center of gravity. This car offers both eco and performance-based versions because of 114 bhp 1.2-liter petrol turbo entry-level engine with 2 associated hybrids.

The interior features of the car include a TFT instrument display, 8 inches touchscreen and big luggage space. Corolla is a noise-free, cost-saving and practical car that makes it stand out among other cars.

Toyota Prius
This Toyota car is among the best hybrid and electric cars in the market. It has an excellent gas mileage, spacious luggage compartment space, cozy front and back seats on which 5 passengers can be seated and an easy-to-use convenient infotainment system. Moreover, Apple CarPlay is also available in the new 2020 model. A petrol engine of 1798 cc with an automatic transmission and mileage of 26.27 kmpl is offered in Prius.

Toyota Prius is ranked number 5 in hatchback model cars and number 6 in small cars by the critics. Prius offers a strong power train, comfortable and smooth driving experience, and extremely good fuel economy ratings. Even the rear cargo room has more space than its rival cars. You can effectively save a lot of money but still manage to get almost the same features that are available in any new model if Toyota Prius is purchased.

Toyota Prado
Prado is a strong and comfortable family SUV-wagon that can travel anywhere. This car is a good choice to take on long trips. Despite it being a big 4WD vehicle, it’s very convenient and easy to drive but it is also built tough.

It has a 7 seat cabin, cruise control, navigation, audio and phone controls on the steering wheel, USB port, AC, Bluetooth connectivity, a push-button start engine which is known as Smart Start, polished fancy aluminum-alloy wheels, 7 airbags and antilock brakes. Moreover, there’s electronic stability control which aids the driver control the car in a skid and electronic traction control which prevents wheel spin on slippery roads.
Toyota Prado comes with a 5 year and an unlimited-kilometer warranty.

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