Amish Oil Change: The Strange Internet Slang Term Explained

The internet’s odd slang and jokes can be confusing or unsettling for newcomers. “Amish oil change” refers to a recent disturbing online sexual act with animals. This article delves into a TikTok phrase’s origin linked to the Amish.

What Does “Amish Oil Change” Mean?

At its core, “Amish oil change” is sexual slang that refers to the act of performing oral sex on a horse and then spitting out the semen. The phrase combines the name of the Amish community with the idea of an oil change, which is the maintenance you do on a car’s engine. So in this offensive slang, the horse is seen as the “engine” receiving the oil change.

The term first appeared online around 2011, with its origins unclear. @LOGANHETZNER’s 2011 tweet might be the earliest use. Urban Dictionary defines “Amish oil change” as oral sex with a horse, spitting out semen. If a page defining Amish oil change meaning urban then it’s a big thing.

The slang phrase describes a woman spitting out horse semen like changing oil. The term ties the act to Amish people because they use horses for transportation instead of cars.

The Disturbing Implications

Upon analysis, “Amish oil change” portrays Amish culture.:

  • Despite conservative views, the Amish are linked to bestiality and extreme deviance. This promotes an offensive stereotype.
  • It dehumanizes women by suggesting they would perform oral sex on an animal.
  • It treats the horrific act as a crude joke.
  • The slang phrase completely disregards the well-being and dignity of the animal involved.

So while the term tries to compare the act to an engine oil change, it reveals a much darker mentality that shows no empathy or discretion.

The Amish Oil Change Trend on TikTok

In 2022 and 2023, the “Amish oil change” term circulated again thanks to TikTok. Many TikTok users encountered the phrase for the first time and posted reaction videos exploring what it meant.

There seems to have been some genuine confusion around the meaning, as one definition relates to ensuring horses have proper bowel movements. However,  the sexual definition relating to bestiality is the original and most common use of the term.

Many TikTokers were shocked and disgusted to discover the true meaning of an Amish oil as documented in slang sources.

The interest and strong reactions led to a spike in Google search traffic for the phrase in late 2022 through 2023.

TikTok videos spread fringe sexual slang through social media, even if few use it.  Most people had never heard of the phrase before it appeared on their For You page.

How Social Media Amplifies Harmful Amish Oil Change Slang ?

TikTok spreading “Amish oil change” slang highlights social media amplifying crude language.

  • Outrageous slang garners more attention, even if very obscure before.
  • Users often share inappropriate terms without verifying meanings.
  • Curiosity around taboo topics leads people to spread terms without context.
  • Algorithms that promote engagement may surface more extreme content.

TikTokers embraced the shocking term before later criticizing its meaning. This reflects the fine line around reacting to inappropriate content in a responsible way.

The Offensive Term’s Connection to the Amish Oil Change

It is unclear why this offensive bestiality slang got associated with the Amish, due to their traditional use of horses and buggies.

Despite the connection, it’s strange how a taboo sexual act got linked to the Amish through slang. However, many Amish uphold conservative values and shun modern technologies that may encourage immorality.

The slang phrase links Amish with bestiality despite the community’s strong condemnation. Becuase, the term reflects ignorance, and bigotry, not the Amish.

The Realities of Amish Life and Values

Beyond the offensive stereotypes, it’s important to understand the Amish view animal abuse and deviant acts as wrong. The realities of their lifestyle and beliefs include:

  1. Amish treat their horses and other animals with great care as companions.
  2. Their Christian faith teaches them to live with humility, compassion and virtue.
  3. They avoid technology that could promote violence, immorality or vanity.
  4. Amish culture emphasizes family, community, hard work, and simplicity.
  5. Though detached from modern society, they reject all forms of abuse, exploitation and decadence.

The slang term “Amish oil change” is inaccurate and disrespectful to the Amish way of life.

Final Few Words

Internet slang can often be confusing or nonsensical to those unfamiliar with the latest memes and jokes. But sometimes online lingo refers to topics that are disturbing or even promote hateful stereotypes.

“The phrase “Amish oil change” combines sexual references and inaccurate associations with a religious community.”. The term’s unclear origins spread on TikTok, causing outrage over its vile meaning.

However, the phrase relies on ignorance and likely has very little basis in any genuine activities associated with the Amish. We should avoid spreading offensive online language, even in response to inappropriate jokes.

This term reminds us to verify information, avoid assumptions, and respect human dignity. The Amish remain admirable for their principles and way of life despite damaging stereotypes online.