5 Best Market Maker Brokers in South Africa

The financial market in South Africa is booming and discerning traders are looking for stability and competitive services from their brokers. You want to have a reliable partner when you are starting your forex trading journey.

When looking at market maker brokers, as with any investment and broker, you need to find the right option that fits your needs. To aid your decision-making process, we have spotlighted the top five market maker brokers in South Africa. So, if you are looking for a market maker broker to work with, keep reading!

Here are our choices for the best market maker brokers in South Africa:


IG stands tall as one of the industry’s best brokers. Coupled with their user-friendly platform, they have a reputation for innovation and reliability. This caters to a wide range of experience levels when it comes to traders.

Providing competitive spreads, top-tier research tools, and a vast range of instruments, this market maker broker sets itself apart from the pack. Most traders appreciate IG’s commitment to transparency. This is why South African traders often make IG their go-to broker.


FxPro offers a suite of features that really gives power to the traders, and this is why it finds a place on the list of market maker brokers. It has a massive list of tradable assets and a wealth of advanced trading tools at your disposal.

This broker is perfect for both the more seasoned trader as well as those who are just beginning their journey. It also has a focus on technological innovation, so the trading experience is seamless but also provides the trader with agile research resource aids that help hone their skills.


XTB takes pride in nurturing traders for success. This market maker broker really sets itself apart due to its educational platform, which allows South African traders to have a wealth of knowledge at their very fingertips.

On top of this, they have a commitment to helpful customer support, and that, paired with competitive spreads, makes it an excellent choice for those just entering the forex arena.


If you are looking for diverse and tradable assets, then FXTM is a top option for South African traders. It has a wide range of account types and an interface that is simple to navigate. These two features help bridge the gap between novices and experts. FXTM wants to foster a space where any type of trader can thrive and be successful.


Last but certainly not least is AvaTrade, a broker committed to regulatory standards as well as providing a user-friendly platform for traders to navigate. Simply put, they are one of the most trusted brokers in the financial industry.

This is what has made them a reliable partner for a lot of different South African traders. They have a wide range of trading tools and educational resources. These tools ensure that every trader is well-equipped to navigate what can be a complex forex market.


Whether you prioritise educational resources, diverse trading instruments, or transparent platforms, these market maker brokers cater to a spectrum of trader needs. As you embark on your forex journey, consider your trading goals, preferences, and the features offered by these market maker brokers. The South African market awaits, and with the right broker, navigating the forex seas can become an exciting and rewarding venture.