5 Baby Shower Alternatives for Your Pregnant Friend

Traditional celebrations aren’t for everyone. Not every little girl dreams of a big white wedding, and not everyone wants a massive 40th birthday bonanza. The same applies to baby showers. The parents-to-be might not enjoy being the centre of attention; mom might be too tired to endure a full-blown social event; or most of the couple’s close friends and family may live far away, and a gathering simply isn’t viable. 

If any of these situations ring true for a close friend of yours, there are still several ways for you to celebrate a new arrival in a way they’ll enjoy and cherish. Here are a few ideas.

1. Organize a Nursery Painting Party

Helping to decorate and organize the nursery is a great way to help the parents tick another ‘to-do’ from their list. It’s also an integral part of setting up cozy space for baby when they get home from the hospital — and for many years to come.

Bring pizzas and non-alcoholic drinks and help paint, build furniture, and organize drawers. Not only are you helping the parents, but you’re also celebrating together in a fun and unique way.

2. Surprise the Parents with a Gift Just for Them

While you’re sure to send a gift to welcome a new baby into the world — whether it’s a gift from a registry, or something of your choosing, like a luxury gift basket that’s brimming with practical (yet lavish) baby wares — why not send a gift for the parents, too? 

A gift that indulges and treats the parents is a great way to celebrate them and this monumental life moment. This option is an especially excellent idea if the parents live in another country or province and visiting and celebrating in person is challenging.  

3. Host a Babyette

A relatively new event, a Babyette is somewhat similar to a bachelorette — allowing your friend to have ‘one last night out!’ before they’re busy with late-night feedings and diaper changes. Find a restaurant with a fun mocktail menu and take the mom-to-be out for an adult-only evening with close friends and loved ones.

4. Arrange a Meal Collection

Often, new parents are far too busy to factor in cooking or cleaning. Help to remove one less thing from their plate by arranging a meal collection. 

To do so, email close friends and family with your friend and their partner’s dietary requirements — if any — and a list of foods they like and dislike. 

Then, offer your home as a drop-off location up until a cut-off date. Then head to your friend’s place with a cooler laden with frozen meals. Or suggest a date for everyone to swing by the home of the parents-to-be to drop off their meal and have an informal get-together.

For friends who don’t enjoy cooking, suggest a takeout voucher instead.

5. Arrange a Fun Night In

If your friend is very low-key, why not organize a quiet night in? Cook dinner, grab a non-alcoholic bottle of wine, and download some of their favourite movies. Taking a moment to regroup and unwind might be all that mom needs to feel special and like themselves before a busy spell ahead.

The Takeaway on Baby Shower Alternatives

Often, parents-to-be feel pressured to plan baby showers and other baby-centric celebrations. If you know a friend all too well and that they most probably won’t feel comfortable with an event in their name, don’t pressure them into a shower. Instead, consider helping them by planning an understated celebration they’ll enjoy.