Rise of online gaming in Canada during Covid-19 pandemic

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During the pandemic, people were looking for things to do. Many were forced into their homes, and an even larger number of people were unable to go out and do their normal activities. No going to the movies, restaurants, shopping malls, or sporting events. They had to find forms of entertainment in their homes.

This dramatically changed the interests of many people. Instead of going to movies, they signed up at online streaming services so they could still watch their favorite television shows or movies. With no major sporting events available, many turned to online games to play. Instead of watching action, they could be their favorite football or hockey star, racing down the pitch or across the ice to lead their team to victory.

Online Casinos Prospered

One industry that saw rapid growth was the online casino industry. Many were looking for the best Canadian online casino where they can play great casino style games in the luxury of their own home. This way they were able to play poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, or other casino style games without having to worry about heading out of their home to be able to do so.

These sites became extremely popular and, to their credit, casino operators were smart from the very start. Recognizing that they were going to get an influx of business, many redesigned their sites, added features, and higher degrees of protection to make the experience playing at the online casino even more enjoyable. 

This helped to attract customers like never before. Users were not only able to play their favorite games, but the design and graphics used made the experience nearly as fun as actually going to a casino itself.

Adding the Latest Technology

Online casino operators also began to use the latest technology to help make the experience more enjoyable. Two things that really helped to draw customers in were the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Many have a nefarious impression about artificial intelligence, but this is not going to be machines becoming self-aware and destroying the human race. Artificial intelligence is about computers being able to learn the habits of users, which helps to make the experience better. Casino operators were able to tailor screens, games, and other aspects of the site to the specific tastes of users. This made playing a lot more fun.

In addition, virtual reality has become a huge bonus to online casino operators. Players love the fact that the game experience is almost as if they are there at the casino. Live dealers make it so that players get to see the cards dealt, the wheel spot, or a number picked and all of it is in 3D.

Not Going Back!

So many have enjoyed the online experience, that casino analysts believe that a large number may not return to physical land-based facilities. They are loving the personal experience they get at the online casino, and are enjoying the fact that they can play anywhere.

Online casinos are blossoming in Canada, and the revenues show this as well. Total number of users is expanding, and recent talk of a new lockdown is likely to push these numbers through the roof. This is going to be the way that people like to play their favorite casino style games in Canada.


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