How To Pick A Slot Machine

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Slots were once straightforward, to play them you would go to a casino, arcade or betting shop and once there, you would be presented with a handful of slots to play. Most you would have already been familiar with and this would make choosing a slot to play an easy task. This was the case until video slots began to appear online from 1996 onwards. However, ever since the slot boom of the 1990s, things have got far more complicated. 

Now with so many slots to choose from, it may seem an impossible task when it comes to picking a slot game to play. This is especially the case if you are new to the game – click to learn more. There are literally hundreds of games with enticing banners that fill up the slots lobbies of online casinos. You could throw caution to the wind and dive in and try a few games that have interesting titles or descriptions.

Or you could go by recommendations from slot-based articles and top ten lists. Another way of picking a slot is by choosing certain games and spinning them for free in demo mode. This can be quite time consuming but it is a good way of checking to see if slot games meet your expectations or live up to the hype. Demo mode is also highly useful for experiencing bonus rounds and special features. You could simply pick a slot that has a theme that interests you or is based on a hit film or TV show that you are a fan of. 

Getting Technical 

If you are playing slots for more than just a bit of fun then you may consider picking slots on a more technical basis. Professional gamblers often do this and they are highly influenced by slots terms like RTP or Return To Player percentage. This percentage score should be displayed on all slots at online casinos. Slots with RTP scores of around 98% are exceptional. This score doesn’t guarantee you a win but it does increase your chances of getting a decent percentage of your staking money returned to you in the shape of winning spins. You may find that big wins are few and far between and that consistent small winds are the most likely outcome when playing slots with high RTP scores. 

Bottom Line 

No matter what slot you choose to spin, the bottom line is that slots are a form of entertainment that should be played for fun. They are not moneymaking ventures, as they are highly unpredictable. You could spin a slot 100 times and win nothing, or you could spin it once and hit a bonus. All spins are random and created by an RNG, or Random Number Generator microchip. Slots are designed to give the house an edge, so no matter what you choose to play, it should always be considered entertainment only. 

Final Thoughts 

Slots are entertainment, so picking a slot that interests you is important. If you can find one with a high RTP score, then better still.

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