Best 5 Payment Methods at Slot Sites

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As mobile slot sites like offer a good amount of accessibility for players, they have a variety of payment methods to choose from. There are five which are generally agreed to be the very best. 

Online slot sites 

Using an online slot site is not the same experience as using a real life casino, there are several minor and major differences between the two. The most obvious difference between the two venues is the setting, whilst players will usually have to travel to use a casino, online casinos can be enjoyed from the comfort of a players own home thanks to handheld devices. The next major difference is the way that players deposit money, at a real life casino they can take cash and spend coins, however players have to be much more safe when using an online casino. This is because players will be entering sensitive details such as names, addresses and bank account details in order to use these sites. Players need to make sure they are using a safe payment method that will keep this information hidden from hackers and thieves. 

Top Five Payment methods 

With so many payment methods for players to choose from, it can be tough deciding which to use. The following are the top five payment methods that players can use.

  1. Bank transfer – A classic, this payment method is used by many online sites, not just online slot sites. A bank transfer simply requires players to enter their card details and the amount they would like to deposit. Although this method is simple, players should always be discreet when entering their details as thieves could be watching over their shoulder.
  2. Pay by mobile – This is a unique payment method where players deposit money into their account through their phone bill. As a result, this payment method is incredibly secure. Some players may not be a fan of the deposit limit that this payment method sets every day, especially if they are high rollers, however players who struggle to know when to stop will benefit from this deposit limit.
  3. Paypal – One of the more common methods is to use a third party site such as paypal. This not only makes things more secure, as you are not entering your bank account details directly but it also can be a speedier process as you are not waiting for the bank to approve the transfer.
  4. Cryptocurrency – Believe it or not but cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are starting to be accepted by certain online casinos as valid payments for sites. Although they are far from mainstream, these sorts of currencies are steadily increasing in popularity with players.
  5. Deferred payment – This is a rarer type of payment, essentially players will play now and pay later. For obvious reasons, not many casino sites will offer this deal but those that do will find that it is incredibly popular with players. 

Final Thoughts 

If one of these payment methods doesn’t suit you don’t worry, there are many others to choose from.

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