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Word problems are mainly mathematical exercises where some background information is presented in lucid language rather than in some math notation. Typically, they are written in 1-2 sentences, requiring students to use their basic subject knowledge to solve real-time situations. Students must also be familiar with math symbol vocabulary to grasp and solve the question properly.








Adding a surplus, More, Total, Increase by, Together, Sum, And…



Look to ADD


Reduce, Fewer, Minus, Difference Between, Decrease…





Equal groups, Share, Split…


Look to DIVIDE



Product, Groups of, lots of…





Luckily, students can use online learning resources to learn and familiarize themselves with word problem vocabulary. More good news is several top-tier assignment writing/tutoring websites like MyAssignmenthelp.com offer the math word problem solver featuring a mathematical computation engine to simplify problem-solving.

Per feedback from its previous and current users, this large AI language model helps generate answers in natural language more accurately than ChatGPT and quicker than a human teacher. Some users even stated the tool presented more flexibility than any normal mathematical calculator.

Today’s post will present key USPs of this AI-Math Word Wizard! SO, CONTINUE READING!

1. Excels in Solving Problems for All Math Subjects 

The software excels in solving vivid mathematical word problems. Check them out.

  • Circle
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Number theories

VISIT now and use the math assignment solver unhesitantly. The tool also helps solve other problems from a wide range of math-related subjects.

  • Basic Math 

Long/lengthy arithmetic questions, unit conversions, fractions, factors, exponents, ratios, percentages, proportions, rational numbers, operations with fractions, measurement, volume, area, line and point segments, and data measurements.

  • Math Word Problems

Example 1 – Andy had 20 apples and gave some away to Henry. Now Andy has 12 apples left. How many did he give Henry?

Example 2 – There are 37 cookies in a jar. Matt took 3, Jerry took 2, Sarah took 4, and Mitchel took 4. Matt’s mother and father took 3 each. How many cookies are left in the jar?

  • Pre-Algebra

Rational numbers, equation solving, unit conversion, simplifying and evaluating expressions, data measurement, linear equations, fractions and exponents, percents, ratio and proportions, measurement of area and volume.

  • Algebra

Algebraic concepts and expressions, logarithmic expressions factoring polynomials, points, exponential expressions, lines, and line segments, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors, simplifying polynomials, linear equations, absolute value expressions and equations, radical expressions, and equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, relations, functions, complex numbers and vector analysis, and equations, matrices, conic sections, vectors, vector spaces, 3d coordinate system, linear transformations, number sets, tables, analytic geometry and graphing.

  • Trigonometry

Graphing trigonometry expressions and functions, complex numbers, analytical geometry in polar coordinates, vector arithmetic, logarithmic functions, radian measure and circular functions, right triangle trigonometry, and verifying trigonometry identities.

  • Precalculus

Conic sections, polynomial and rational functions, factoring polynomials, quadratic equations, vectors, number sets, matrices, sequences and series, analytic geometry in polar coordinates, absolute value equations and expressions, operations and functions, lines, points and line segments, analytical geometry, inequalities, operations on functions, calculus introduction and analytic geometry in rectangular coordinates.

  • Calculus

Derivatives, operations and functions, Algebra concepts and expressions, integration, parametric equations and polar coordinates, integrals, differentiation, sequences and series, logarithmic functions, polynomial and rational functions, evaluating limits and differential equations.

  • Statistics

Hypothesis testing, probability, dispersion statistics, algebra review, average descriptive statistics, normal distribution, t-distributions, estimation and sample size, correlation, and regression. Browse myassignmenthelp.com for statistic homework help.

  • Finite Math

Linear equation systems, polynomials and expressions, functions, relations, ratio, proportion and percentage, matrices, equations and inequalities, normal distributions, estimation and sample size, correlation and regression, vectors, average distribution statistics, statistical distribution, t-distributions, linear functions and points, finance mathematics, and frequency distribution.

  • Linear Algebra

Linear equations systems, Matrices, Complex numbers, Matrices, vectors, linear independence and combinations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors, linear transformations, and number sets.

2. Solves Math Problems Using Correct Equations and Formula

The AI software incorporates a vast database of equations and formulas to solve all sorts of math problems. It always delivers accurate results, thus proving very reliable during emergencies.

Common Formulas to Expect from the Tool When Solving Problems.

  • Euler’s Identity –Utilise the tool to easily calculate the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter
  • Pythagorean Theorem – Add the length of both sides of the triangle and get quick and accurate answers.
  • The Cardinality of Continuum –You can easily find the cardinal size of sets of real numbers through this AI-Math solver.
  • The Gaussian Integral –Use the tool to learn about complex numbers using real integers and imaginary parts.
  • Euler’s Product Formula –If you want to find positive integers, the tool helps you learn by using the formula – SUMn=1 to infinity n-s = PRODp prime (1 – p-s)-1

Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive, as the tool comprises several other formulas and equations to solve many types of math word problems while also making mathematics fun to learn.

3. Saves Time So You Can Focus on Other Subjects

Apart from its versatility and efficiency in solving various problems, the tool delivers accurate results in seconds. You enter the correct number or equation in the blank spot.

The tool will perform the calculation and give you instant results, thus saving valuable time and effort. It is one of the many reasons why so many students use this quality tool to ease their math-solving endeavors.

They can utilize the tool to reduce their workload by 70-80% and use that time to focus on other subjects and their assignments.

Other Noteworthy Benefits of Math Word Problem Solver 

  • The tool is easy to use.
  • Requires no sign-ups to access it.
  • Displays all key solving steps for various problems.
  • It is free of cost
  • Offers unlimited usage
  • Delivers correct solutions on every attempt
  • It helps you meet tight task deadlines
  • Works faultlessly across several devices, such as phones and laptops, via a stable net connection
  • Boosts your subject knowledge, confidence among fellow peers and professors, and overall academic grades
  • It performs glitch-free calculations.

Perks of Solving Math Word Problems

There are numerous undeniable perks of solving math word problems. Students can reinforce whatever concepts learned in class and apply them to solving various types of questions/equations.

  • It enhances a student’s mental capacity to understand and tackle the issue.
  • It develops their logical analysis and creative thinking abilities through proper visualization.
  • It also creates interest and eagerness in students to develop their problem-solving competencies further.
  • It helps them understand the fundamental logic behind every problem, thus allowing them to think rationally.
  • Above all, it prepares students for the actuality of life and real-world problems.

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